Wednesday, 29 February 2012

lush bath

i just had the most amazing hour long bath. I went upstairs with my pile of bathing stuff including one of my favourite bath bombs by lush. it is called Tisty Tosty, I think I mentioned it last night...Anyways this bath bomb has just become my most favourite bath bomb of all time. I smells amazing, like vanilla and roses, and it actually has mini rosebuds floating around, which I think is a really sweet idea, and I love playing with them. Rose is supposed to make you feel more relaxed and calm and also make you feel happier. Which is exactly how I felt when I got out of the bath. The lush website states:
'Tisty Tosty was inspired by the beautiful writings of a literary critic. It was based on a spell used to stir the passions and bring love to you, depending on the state of mind of the caster. With seven roses, if you start positively, it will end positively'
 I actually counted my rosebuds and there were indeed 7 rosebuds, just to let you know;)


  1. That sounds like a really lovely product, I like the idea of actual petals floating around :)

  2. The bath bomb sounds really lovely!! I've tried alot of Lush products but not that one yet!! I must add it to my list of things to try xxxx