Thursday, 8 September 2011

quitting sugar

there is a book out at the moment, which i haven't personally read (yet!) but my housemate goes on about it called 'sweet poison: why sugar makes us fat' by David Gillespie. My interest was piqued when I was watching an interview with him where he states that fructose is essentially not recognised by the body and is directly converted to fat, and does not encourage satiation. Suprisingly this makes sense to me and unfortunately I agree with it. I say unfortunately because I am a sugarholic. David Gillespie asserts that sugar is addictive and he likens giving up sugar to giving up smoking. Although I'm sure its even harder as sugar is everywhere, in everything and somethings that it is in would surprise you.
my mission this week is to see if I can borrow his books from my local library and read them this weekend. I'm also going to start making meal plans which include healthy, nutritious food with lots of protein and low sugar content.
David Gillespie's website
and another website about an Australian journalist/blogger who is quitting sugar and also conducted an interview with David Gillespie, which sparked my interest
hope everyone has a good weekend. I suspect mine will be filled with reading books and cookbooks:) and maybe doing my tax. eep!

ps I would have put a picture of something yummy and filled with sugar to illustrate my point, but I find that those sort of pictures just make me crave the sugar, which isn't really fair is it?


  1. Hey :) Ur back :)

    Ive been read8ing Sarah Wilsons posts on this, I dunno I could do no sugar, low sugar yes for sure but quit it all, I think it would be so hard. Sarah has just launched an e-book on how to do it, I saw today

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