Thursday, 8 September 2011


so this is a photo of me when i was overseas, which i absolutely hate because it looks like i have a tire around my belly and what has really encouraged me to give this losing weight thing a go. I really don't like this photo, but I'm going to use it to motivate me to get fitter, healthier and lose some weight.

am going home to my parents place tomorrow, and mum is always trying to eat healthy, and has no yummy food in the house so I should be able to eat healthy for the next three days. I may even take home some of my healthy cookbooks and show her a thing or two:)


  1. Look at that view and that window frame!! Screw the tyre, thats what holidays are all about, pasta, ice-cream, cocktails, if you dont have a tyre coming back from holidays you havent holidayed IMO!!

  2. i know its an awesome view and would be a favourite but i'm just hyper critical of myself. anyways i'll probably go back there next year and get the same photo sans the tire. think I was planning my next trip OS 2 days after I got back. withdrawal symptoms really bad. all i want to eat is pasta and macarons:)