Wednesday, 7 September 2011


1. what is your favourite way to stay in shape? 
hiking outdoors. theres a great place not far from where I lived called the 1000 steps, its in the Dandenongs, and is very beautiful

2. what is your least favourite way to stay in shape? 
running, but thats because I get tired really fast and get stitches. But I'm determined to beat it, I'm doing to couch to 5k program.

3. whats your favorite fruit? 
Berries, soo good!

4. whats you favorite veggie? 
probably mashed potatoes, or peas

5. whats your guilty pleasure?  
anything sweet, I'm trying to curb my sweet tooth, but it's really hard

6. Do you prefer working out with someone or alone? 
I mostly work out alone, then I can go at my own pace


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