Tuesday, 6 September 2011


hey, sorry I haven't posted in AGES!! I recently went overseas and had a wonderful time, and am desperate to go back.
I actually have a secret. well its not much of a secret, because as my blog title is 'a lazy girls guide to beauty' you can probably guess that I'm quite lazy when it comes to beauty. I would prefer to prevent problems than wear makeup to cover them. most of the time that works pretty well for me, I hardly ever wear makeup. So for a couple of months I was writing about makeup, lotions and potions, and then I got bored. so i've decided that instead I will use this blog as my weight loss blog instead, which is kind of related as I believe that having a nice figure is part of being pretty. although, i'm going to attempt to not be lazy about it:)
they say that diet makes up 80% of weight loss and exercise makes up 20%. I have the exercise bit down pat, no problems there, but I find it so hard to eat properly, I get cravings that I give into and I have a terrible sweet-tooth.
Studies have also shown that having people hold you accountable is a great weight loss motivator, so I thought I would give this a go. Plus it is spring here and that means Summer is on its way (YAY)!! and I want to look good for summer.
This blog will mainly be about what I am eating and how I have prepared it with photos, and regular (hopefully) updates:)

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  1. Aw good luck! I look forward to hearing more about this!:)