Thursday, 16 June 2011

sweet tips for lips

Its winter in Australia at the moment, and I am absolutely miserable. I hate winter, as previously mentioned in a post, and so do my lips. My lips have cracked the $hits and are chapped and cracked. Last night I thought I'd better do something about it, so I gently massaged my LUSH bubblegum lipscrub into my lips for about a minute. It taste so delicious licking it off, I have a sugar tooth, so any excuse to put sugar in my mouth:) I read on primped that putting honey on your lips for ten minutes would not only delicious but also hydrating (it was also sticky, as I think I put too much on and some of it dripped off my lips and onto my top). I'm not sure if I actually managed to keep it on for ten minutes because all I wanted to do was lick it off, but I got the desired results, my lips were very appreciative of the extra hydration. To finish it off, I put on my trusty nivea hydro care lipbalm. I swear I have about 5 nivea lipbalms just floating around, I love them, they always look after my lips.
And now my lips are very smooth and soft and much nicer:)
Do you like the honey tip?
what is your favourite lipbalm?
did you like Lily's jacket in the previous post?

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