Wednesday, 1 June 2011

favourite beauty/everything else websites

Elle and Blair

Lauren Conrad
Sassi Sam
Beauty Heaven

 I love putting in random photos;)  google images

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  1. I know.. Ewan McGregor is so cute!!! I'll try to watch the movie again.. we'll see!

    I bought the keyboard cover from
    it was like 3 dollars... I have a 15" Mac book pro, and it did work... the only thing is that the enter button and the left shift with the <> button, didn't where correct in the cover, and my keyboard symbols didn't match my lap symbols, but that could be because maybe my keyboard is in the "spanish format" because we have more symbols... which sucks,, but I got used to it.. :D

    p.s. that cat was so cute!!! and tiny!! hahah loved it