Wednesday, 18 May 2011


So I’ve recently moved and as a result am taking a 40 minute train ride into work everyday. 
Here are some interesting observations regarding the application of makeup.
  1. Plucking your eyebrows on the train is a perfectly acceptable activity to utilise a 20 minute train ride
  2. Always have a mirror handy, guesswork is a big no-no. Preferably ask the person sitting across from you to hold it so you can be ‘handsfree’
  3. Time your mascara swipes to the jolting of the train or wait until you have pulled in at a station.
  4. Try and have a neat bag or a separate section for all your makeup. Digging through your bag for ten minutes hunting for that pesky concealer is annoying.
  5. Watch out for those crazy faces you pull. eg. mascara face includes mouth hanging open with an intense look of concentration.
  6. Keep your makeup simple unless you are a pro or have a very long train ride
  7. That person who is sitting across from you who may or may not be holding your mirror is finding your impromptu makeup tutorial very educational:)
Do you think that plucking your eyebrows on a train is as disgusting as picking your nose or cutting your fingernails?
Have you ever tried to apply your makeup on a train? I find that writing legibly is difficult enough.


  1. I wouldn't do any of that. But I don't catch the train so I wouldn't feel comfortable doing it.

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  2. Cool post!

  3. I have to say if I saw someone plucking their brows on the train I would stare and stare!
    I live only 1 train stop away from work so not really enough time for any makeup application but I do however check out my reflection in the windows!!

  4. I have NEVER been on a train before but this post is hysterical to me. I wouldn't have the guts to do any of that, I can hardly apply my favorite lip balm or lipstick in a moving vehicle, let alone pluck my own eyebrowns on a moving train. Go you for being confident enough to do all of that!

  5. haha wow! I wouldn't do full make up on the train, because I always have my make up done before I leave - to be honest I'd look at someone plucking their eyebrows and think they were insane! :) xx

  6. So true the timing of the mascara to the jerks of train or bus! And the face contorting while doing it! Made me laugh :)