Wednesday, 4 May 2011

the mane attraction

I'm sorry I haven't been very consistent with my blogging. Its been a crazy week. There was the wedding, working (still sucks), I have ANOTHER cold (I can't believe it!!) and my internet ran out, but we are getting new internet soon, which is 100G. Hopefully we won't go over:)
I have previous blogs discussing my preparation for my brothers wedding here here, and here.
So I figured I would talk about how I prepared my hair for the wedding in past tense.
About 2 weeks ago I went to the hairdresser (a new one, I'm searching for a great hairdresser, this ones pretty good) and got a full head of foils, in some shade of blonde with violet undertones, silver highlights, a cool colour. blah blah blah. I sound like my mum when she orders coffee. The hairdresser did a lovely job and I also asked her to put a toner in my hair because it has an unfortunate habit of going brassy, which no amount of purple shampoo seems to affect. I love going to the hairdresser because they have an amazing ability to make my hair look beautiful, I always find myself looking in windows and anything that reflects to admire my mane after visiting the hairdressers. They also give good head-massage. I always find it interesting that when I wash my own hair it never feels as good as when someone else is washing it. 
I always feel a bit bad for my hair after getting it done because I know that its harsh on hair. So I decided to use my absolute favourite hair mask on it, this stuff is amazing!! It leaves my hair looking so silky, nourished and healthy. My hair always looks amazing after using this stuff. I first got onto this stuff because Elle ( recommended it. Macadamia Oil deep repair mask and healing oil. These are the bomb. 

I wash my hair as per normal with shampoo and then skip the conditioning part. I towel dry my hair and take a tablespoon of the mask and a pump of the oil a smear it through sections of my hair from root to tip. I feel like I use more of this than other people do, but I have a lot of hair and its quite long. Case in point, I was at the hairdressers for 3 hours getting foils done. And the hairdresser was fast. Anyways, the instructions say to just leave it on for ten minutes or so, but I always put it in just before I go to bed, put on my gorgeous lavender (I have a thing for purples) shower cap and go to sleep. Wash it out in the morning, shampoo and condition as per normal. Discover that hair feels amazing and proceed to run hands through it all day, and generally acting like I am in a pantene add.
For the wedding day I had my hair down and straightened. I always prefer to have my hair straightened the day before, because then its not so frizzy and it sits better. On friday night in after watching the royal wedding for about ten minutes, just to check out the dress, I washed and blow-dried my hair straight and then with my trusty GHD I straightened it properly. I also used a multitude of my favourite hair products which all smell yummy and are conditioning and protecting my hair.
Just before I started getting ready for the actual wedding while my brother was getting photos done, I put some more heat protectant balm in my hair and quickly went over my hair with the straightener to get out any kinks.  I’m going to go into more detail outlining the products that I use in my hair to keep it healthy, but I have a cold at the moment and I want to go back to sleep.


  1. Wow your hair is so long!! Even if I try to grtoe mine it won't go past a point! I've just finished a Garnier Butter Mask (average) so have been thinking what mask I should get next. This sounds great- I see they sell it on i-glamour.

    Looks like you got great weather for the day? Was it fab? Love a good wedding!!

  2. i pretty much forget my hair. for work its always up in a bun, so on the odd occasion when it is down i always get surprised at how long it is:) I always get my mum to brush my hair when I am at home, she loves it, and it feels lovely when she plays with it. i always pre-brush it before, to get out all the knots:)

  3. ps whats i-glamour? i got mine of strawberrynet, it was super cheap compared to what it is in the store. probably half the price. sweet!

  4. I love Macca Oil! Its so good.

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