Monday, 9 May 2011

kiss and makeup

my brother and his wife came home from their honeymoon today so I thought I should do my last section in the preparation for wedding ‘series’.  See previous posts on preparation nails, hair and  teeth whitening.
I got a new makeup bag from glitzy-glam. Will do a glitzy-glam haul soon

I actually got ready at the venue, I ‘borrowed’ the bridesmaids bathroom. I had to get there early because I got roped into helping my parents drive the flowers to the location. It was really scary because I didn’t want to damage the flowers by driving too fast or hitting any potholes, so I was driving very slowly (which I never do) and stressing because the last 20 minutes of driving was on a dirt road. But the flowers arrived intact and they were beautiful. I actually ‘caught’ the bouquet and the bridesmaid gave me her flowers as she was going to Tasmania (another state) the next day.
It was quite fun getting ready, because my mum was doing her makeup at the same time. I remember when I was a little girl watching mum put on her makeup and trying on her blush, and ending up looking like a red-faced clown. She ended up borrowing my some of my makeup and I borrowed her primer that she got the other day. 
So the first thing I did was put on the afore mentioned primer, which is covergirl and olay simply ageless serum primer. This left my skin feeling so soft and smooth, it was lovely. It mskes a great base for the rest of the makeup and helps it stay for longer as the silicone in the primer gives the makeup something to ‘grip’ to. 
I don’t know if this is weird but I prefer to put concealers on under foundation, as the concealer is usually a different colour to my foundation. I used Revlon’s age defying concealer (which I originally brought for my mum but ended up keeping it) just on my nose and chinand I used the Garnier roll on undereye concealer that I got it my garnier goodie bag, which concealed my dark circles nicely, but wasn’t a perfect match for my skin tone, so I went over it with my foundation. I applied the Revlon’s photoready foundation in 002 vanilla (for those who are wondering just how pale I am, this is a perfect match for my skin:) This foundation as it states in the name is great for photos. It has complete coverage and states that it gives an ‘airbrushed finish’. I loved how it looked in the photo’s my skin looked perfect and very natural and dewy. When I first got this foundation I actually tried some on in the store first and the went to work afterwards and asked my friends what they thought of the foundation. The all agreed that it looked really nice and natural, so on the way home that night I went back and brought it. It gives a radiance to the skin and makes it look very fresh and natural. 
It was a long day so I decided to put Revlon’s colourstay powder on to give my face some staying power. After that I applied my Maybelline mineral powder blush which is a gorgeous light candy pink/peachy colour, which looks lovely with my complexion, and then set to work on my eyes. Since my dress was lavender I wanted my eyes to match a little so I picked up these eyeshadows the friday before (I seem to leave everything to the last minute, I got the dress a fortnight before the wedding and my shoes 2 days before). The eyeshadow I used was the Maybelline eyestudio in LEGENDARY LILAC! I think I partly brought the eyeshadow set due to its awesome name:) It has a very informative picture of how to apply the colours and where, on the back of the container, which was very helpful as I don’t often wear eye shadows. It was all quite experimental, and I’m just glad it turned out all right. I did have a bit of a panic moment as I was putting on the mascara which was the last step, because I accidently blinked and mascara went everywhere. But I was able to salvage the situation using a cotton bud and a bit more foundation. I used the Loreal Telescopic mascara, which to be honest I’m not sure I actually like. I find that half of it ends up under my eyes and my eyelashes sort of clump together. So I think I might stick to my Rimmel lash accelerator in the future. I then put on some lip gloss in a deep berry colour. 
Heres a photo of  Lily having a good sniff of the wedding cake (it was covered incase any one was wondering:)


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