Friday, 27 May 2011

day off

yipee its my day off today!! I am so blissfully happy. I slept in until about 8 this morning until my housemate woke me up as she was coming home after night shift. She is sleeping at the moment so I have decided that she is the perfect excuse for me to stay in bed today as I don't to wake her up by causing a ruckus with cleaning. I think I am being very considerate actually. So after I write a million blogposts, I think I might catch up on a bit of reading and have a nap and finish knitting the doggy jacket I am making for Lily. Its pretty cute and Lily needs a bit of extra comfort at the moment because it is quite miserable and rainy at the moment.
On a different note, my travel plans have changed. I have decided to scrap the US travel plans in favour of the UK, France and maybe Italy. I have always wanted to go to England and France and to be honest the main reason why I wanted to go to US is for the shopping. Which is a bit shallow, but true. And anyways I'm sure I will be doing a bit of shopping in England anyway. My sister in law (SIL for short) is from the England and I am already compiling a list of things that she wants me to buy for her, and she also has recommended a huge list of things that I should get for myself also. I think I might have to make an OS lust list:) My SIL is a travel agent and has travelled Europe extensively and she was telling me that I should go to Italy as it is so beautiful there so I think if I have the time I will definitely go there.
Better start learning to French and Italian!

what is your OS lust list?

any special places is UK, France and Italy that you would recommend?

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  1. Make sure you bring an umbrella to the UK! I would recommend London and Manchester :-). Great places for shopping. The Lake District for the view and little hide aways. The Trafford Centre for a fun shopping experience! xx