Friday, 6 May 2011

100 things that make me happy part 4

100 things that make me happy. again its very therapeutic this week as i am sick and having a sucky time at work. happy thoughts get me through it.

31) dreaming of paris. i want to go so badly! i've never been overseas before

32) fireworks- i was in sydney harbour on my uncle's boat for new years eve, was amazing (my photo)

33) picnics 

34) rainbows 

35) spending time with family ( me and my dad when i was little, i love this photo1) 

36) sitting outside in a garden 

37) skipping. never fails to perk me up. i did it today:)

38) weekends. woohoo! its the weekend:)

39) birthdays 

40) watching funny youtube videos 

photos are either mine, from or google images


  1. Love Picnics too!! And Paris. Actually had a picnic in paris under the Eiffel Tower!! Paris is s stunningly beautiful as they say. I'm dying to go back one day. How gorge is that view in that photo!! Wouldnt it be nice to sit there & work!