Sunday, 29 May 2011

100 things that make me happy part 5

41) cake batter

42) facials

43) cookie cakes

44) you-tube videos of cats doing cute things (seriously adorable)

45) home cooked roast

46) doing a good deed

47) playing practical jokes on my brother

48) going to the theatre

49) sliding down the bannister

50) getting into a bed made with freshly washed sheets

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Saturday, 28 May 2011

naturally beautiful

some great beauty tips that you can find in your cupboard
click here
on similiar note I am sitting in bed waiting for the clag glue on my chin to dry so I can peel it off and see if it is a good alternative for the Biore blackhead strips. I never realised how good clag glue smells! no wonder people sniff it. I am also planning on putting egg white on my face and seeing how that works too. Must try and avoid salmonella poisoning though. no licking lips!

EDIT: scrap the glue in chin idea, it didn't work, it just left a sticky mess. Onto the eggwhite idea:)

Friday, 27 May 2011

day off

yipee its my day off today!! I am so blissfully happy. I slept in until about 8 this morning until my housemate woke me up as she was coming home after night shift. She is sleeping at the moment so I have decided that she is the perfect excuse for me to stay in bed today as I don't to wake her up by causing a ruckus with cleaning. I think I am being very considerate actually. So after I write a million blogposts, I think I might catch up on a bit of reading and have a nap and finish knitting the doggy jacket I am making for Lily. Its pretty cute and Lily needs a bit of extra comfort at the moment because it is quite miserable and rainy at the moment.
On a different note, my travel plans have changed. I have decided to scrap the US travel plans in favour of the UK, France and maybe Italy. I have always wanted to go to England and France and to be honest the main reason why I wanted to go to US is for the shopping. Which is a bit shallow, but true. And anyways I'm sure I will be doing a bit of shopping in England anyway. My sister in law (SIL for short) is from the England and I am already compiling a list of things that she wants me to buy for her, and she also has recommended a huge list of things that I should get for myself also. I think I might have to make an OS lust list:) My SIL is a travel agent and has travelled Europe extensively and she was telling me that I should go to Italy as it is so beautiful there so I think if I have the time I will definitely go there.
Better start learning to French and Italian!

what is your OS lust list?

any special places is UK, France and Italy that you would recommend?

the hair that inspires us.

I found this article via hair romance in the sydney morning herald. The article lists the hairstyles and the actors that are influential over our hairstyle choices. Hairstyles such as the 'pob' ( Posh's bob), the pixie cut and oddly enough the buzz cut that was styled by Sinead O'Connor and replicated by Demi Moore in GI Jane and Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta. The article lists Audrey Hepburn's updo in Breakfast at Tiffanys as the main influential hairstyle and Ariel's hairstyle in the Little Mermaid even got a mention. I have to say the most influential style for me when I was younger was 'The Rachel.' I can remember quite clearly asking my hairdresser for the 'Rachel haircut' I thought I was the shiz. Its quite funny because I am watching Friends at the moment and I remember when I got the haircut, thinking I was so cool, and really I'm not sure the haircut really suited my unruly and wavy hair. So now my hair inspiration is more modelled on 'the Kate'. 

Check out the article here

What/who are your hair inspirations?
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Wednesday, 25 May 2011


I saw this tag on Nicola's blog, and thought it looked fun:

Age: 25
Bed Size: Queen, although most of my bed is taken up with my junk, I’m so messy!
Chore you Hate: Vaccuming, hate dragging around the heavy thing. I want to get a robot vaccuum cleaner
Dogs: Lily!! she lives with my parents, but she is soo cute. I love her. she always is so excited to see me when I come home:)
Essential start of your day: Shower and breakfast
Favourite Colour: Purple. I have so much purple stuff, its crazy
Gold or Silver: Silver.
Height: 5”4. It kind of sucks because I am the shortest in my family.
Instruments I play: None
Job Title:Theatre Nurse
Kids: Yes, a couple, I reckon my dad would make a great grandad
Live: Arctic Melbourne
Mum's name: Mummy
Nickname: Katie, Kate, Smiley, Muffin, How...
Pet Peeve: people who talk incessantly, sniffing, invasion of personal space... I’m sure there are more, but I just can’t think of them
Quote from a movie: Story of my life. I always get the fuzzy end of the lollipop. (some like it hot) 
Right or left handed: Right
Siblings: Sister and brother. I never get to see my sister though which is a bummer, but my brother doesn’t live far so I get to see him once a week.
Time you wake up: Far too early, usually about 5.30am
Underwear: definitley.
Vegetables you dislike: Pumpkin, I absolutely hate it, mum used to make me eat it, but since I moved away, I never eat it.
What makes you run late: Getting distracted or sleeping in.
X-rays you've had done: only a couple, but I am quite often in theatre when we xray someone. Those lead gowns are so heavy!!
Yummy food you make: Chocolate cake. I have the most amazing, yummiest recipe, soooo good!
Zoo animal: Lions

Question...does anyone have a robot vacuum cleaner? I want one so badly, but I'm not sure if they are any good. I saw a robot lawnmower a while back, that was soo cool!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011


sorry i haven't been blogging much lately, I have been soo busy. I keep on doing overtime at work because the are so busy and I just can't say no. And I need the money. I have already done 6 hours overtime this week. I have also started going back to the gym, which I am already feeling the benefits of this. Although my muscles are a bit sore at the moment. I've discovered that going to the gym and then having a shower is good, because I am so warm after the gym that I don't spend ages in the shower, and I don't get cold drying off. So hopefully that will help with the eczema. (do you know how hard it is for me to spell eczema? I have to google it every time). Anyways hopefully my life will settle down a bit soon, so I can get back to blogging, its good to connect with you guys, and I love hearing from you:)

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Winter Woes

Its so cold here at the moment, I was absolutely freezing the other da it was so cold I was wearing gloves! The wind was arctic and it has been snowing on the mountains. Due to the days getting shorter and it being colder I’m not going to be getting my vitamin D levels and will probably also get SAD (seasonal affective disorder).
I had SAD last year, I discovered it when I was studying one of my text books (I did a post grad certificate last year), and it had a checklist of questions which were symptoms of SAD. I was really worried at the time because I was feeling bad about stuffing my face all the time, and just feeling very unmotivated and lacking in energy.
Some of the unfortunate symptoms of SAD are overeating (leading to weight gain...eek!), lack of energy, depression and difficulty getting out of bed in the morning. Light therapy, medications and taking melatonin under medical supervision are all recommended but that means going to see a doctor, which means we would have to summon up the energy to make an appointment and go.
When I got it last year, I felt relieved that there was a reason why I was feeling the way I was. I think it is always good to knowledge about what is happening to your body so you can effectively combat it. Last year on occasion when the sun was actually making an appearance and it wasn’t raining I would make the decision to go outside for my lunch when at work, and also on the weekends I would try to sit outside for atleast half and hour, with as much of my skin exposed as possible, even though it was rather cold at the time. It felt really nice being out in the sun. 

I also decided that I should change my eating habits. I decided that if I was going to eat a lot of food, it might as well be packed with nutrients and proteins and that it should be as healthy as possible. I got a lot of healthy cookbooks and started making lots of warming meals that could be frozen so that I could stockpile them. Because it was winter I think that I am more susceptible to the lurgies (germs, colds and flu’s etc) and eating healthy is a good way to improve your immune systems functioning.

Going to the gym for me is such a mood enhancer. Last winter I used to get out of bed every morning at 5.30, quickly have a shower, breakfast and get ready, then jump on a train to work and I would go to the gym for an hour every morning (the gym is one of the perks of working at my hospital, so cheap and convenient). I find that if I’ve had a rough day at work, and I’m tired and cranky, and have to force myself to go to the gym, its usually then that I really need to go to the gym. I find that after a good training session I feel so energised and happy, I will be bouncing off the walls. When we were kids mum always used to tell us to go for a walk or run around, play with the dog if we complained we were cold (or we could start the fire). This is because exercising increases blood flow around the body and also uses energy which warms us up.

I think winter is also a good time to make sure that you pamper yourself. There is nothing that I like better than hopping into a nice warm bath after being out in the  freezing cold. It is the best feeling ever! My skin always reacts badly to winter (dry spots and other spots), and so I try take make sure that I was switch up my routine and start using a nourishing and hydrating heavy moisturiser and I will start using a creamy face wash, as harsh face washes just exacerbate the skin and make it drier. This year I have decided to also make sure that I really pamper my skin and keep on top of my skin routine and have masks and other treatments. A hydrating serum such as blooms rosehip oil (I love this stuff it is my go-to serum) also helps combat the effects of winter. Using brightening moisturiser also makes your skin look less weary from winter’s harsh effects.

I think that in winter it is important to make sure that you make an extra effort to look after yourself and just take extra time for yourself.  Or go on a holiday overseas, somewhere where it is hot and skip winter altogether:)
do you have any good tips for alleviating the winter blues?
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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

in the market

I've decided that I want to get a curling wand because I am crap at curling my hair with my GHD. Any suggestions? It has to be available in Australia. Will definitely do a before and after and a review on the one I get if you guys want it. I was actually going to curl my hair for my brothers wedding but I didn't have the time or confidence to pull it off.
I also want to get a new facial moisturiser. I recently brought  the palmers night renewal cream, which I have to say I do not like. I read heaps of good reviews, so I'm sure that other people like it, but I just found that it felt more like a gel moisturiser rather than a creamy moisturiser. It made my skin feel sort of tight and sticky. And it smells funny. So I definitely need a new moisturiser, let me know which is your favourite.
My mascara collection is coming up for expiration, and I am still on the hunt for the ultimate mascara. I absolutely love my Rimmels Lash Accelerator, and I will definitely be repurchasing, but that is my daily mascara, I need a special occasion mascara. I love mascara that doesn't clump and lengthens my lashes.
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, and I promise I will do reviews on all of them.


So I’ve recently moved and as a result am taking a 40 minute train ride into work everyday. 
Here are some interesting observations regarding the application of makeup.
  1. Plucking your eyebrows on the train is a perfectly acceptable activity to utilise a 20 minute train ride
  2. Always have a mirror handy, guesswork is a big no-no. Preferably ask the person sitting across from you to hold it so you can be ‘handsfree’
  3. Time your mascara swipes to the jolting of the train or wait until you have pulled in at a station.
  4. Try and have a neat bag or a separate section for all your makeup. Digging through your bag for ten minutes hunting for that pesky concealer is annoying.
  5. Watch out for those crazy faces you pull. eg. mascara face includes mouth hanging open with an intense look of concentration.
  6. Keep your makeup simple unless you are a pro or have a very long train ride
  7. That person who is sitting across from you who may or may not be holding your mirror is finding your impromptu makeup tutorial very educational:)
Do you think that plucking your eyebrows on a train is as disgusting as picking your nose or cutting your fingernails?
Have you ever tried to apply your makeup on a train? I find that writing legibly is difficult enough.

Monday, 16 May 2011

my favourite blogger's giveaway

My favourite blogger of all time Me, my best and I has reached 50 followers!! to celebrate she is having an amazing giveaway that I think everyone would love to get the paws on.

You should definitely check out Julie's blog, this is my favouritest blogs, I reckon I check it pretty much everyday and I am always lusting after the products she recommends.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

notw (nail of the weekend)

I found an awesome tip for avoiding getting nailpolish all over my cuticles. I was reading Isha's blog about uses for vaseline (click here) and she recommended that you put vaseline around your nails before putting nailpolish on and the after it is dried, gently rub off the excess. Taadaaa!
I know everyone wears dark nailpolish when the months turn cold, but I don't really like dark nailpolish that much. The bright pink nailpolish cheers me up when its cold. Since I'm not allowed to wear nailpolish at work I decided that as a special treat I should give myself a manicure and paint my nails in crazy colours every weekend.

Revlon's Plum Seduction 917

Friday, 13 May 2011

forever young

The funniest thing happened to me today (it was actually last night, but blogspot went down)! I was enthralled in reading my new book on the train, the Carrie diaries summer and the city by Candice Bushnell, and I accidentally missed my stop. Totally didn’t realise it. I thought we were a good 15 minutes from my stop. So I got of the train and walked to the other side so that I could get a train back, which luckily I only had to wait 4 minutes for. 
So I get on the train and notice a total bogan staring at me. Of course he initiated conversation and his second question was to ask me how old I was. “25” I replied he seemed quite surprised so I asked him how old he thought I was. He gave a very diplomatic answer saying that he thought that I looked very young but also acted mature so he wasn’t sure. So I asked him how old he was...17!!!!! I got hit on by a SEVENTEEN year old! a teenager. Someone who is 8 years younger than me. I was 8 when he was born! Since I was taking an interest in his age he decided to try his luck and continued to talk to me, but I pretended that I was sending a message (I was, to my brother telling him a 17 year old had just tried to pick me up). And he was ugly and missing teeth and boganese seemed to be his native language. Plus he was on his way to getting drunk. My last record was 4 years and that was when I was 20, he was 16. I don’t understand why they persist after they realise how old I am. I feel like saying to them, ‘ OK you can stop now KIDDO’.
Anyway on that note I thought I should share with you some of my secrets to staying young
  1. Don’t wear heavy or tarty makeup. Makes you look like an old tart. You will probably get chatted up, but only because they think you are an easy target. 
  2. Don’t smoke. it gives you wrinkles and is an expensive and unattractive habit. My sister told me she would beat me up if she ever caught me smoking. And you will get a ‘cat’s bum’ mouth (if you don’t understand what I mean, next time you see a cat have a look at it’s bum) from pursing your lips.
  3. Don’t drink. Also gives you wrinkles. And loads your body up with unnecessary toxins. Once in a blue moon is OK though. A girls got to have her fun.
  4. Get lots of sleep. ‘It’s not called beauty sleep for nothin’ I love my sleep and nanna naps. Nanna naps are what keeps me young. Ironic, non?
  5. Eat healthy and drink lots of water. People keep on telling me this and I’m sure they are correct. And maybe sometime soon in the future I will actually start eating properly and drink lots of water. Although having my special tumbler from glitzy glam has improved my H2O intake. Because its so cute, I take it everywhere. 
  6. Moisturise and take care of your skin!! My old housemate saw a picture of me and my sister and asked if that was my mum. Sadly I have to agree with her, she is starting to look a bit old, not exactly 31 years older than me, but her skin is neglected. I think she just washes her face with soap, and only moisturises when she can be bothered.
  7. Wear SPF, don’t get sunburnt and don’t tan. One of my old teachers had skin like a leather handbag. Bout the same colour, and definitely the same texture. It prematurely ages you, and can cause other problems like skin cancer. I know I’m a theatre nurse. We excise a lot of skin cancers.

Stylish Blogger Award

Aww I just got awarded the stylish blogger award!! So sweet! I love these awards as it is encouraging to know that people enjoy reading my blog and I love reading about who else was awarded the blog, I have found many new blogs that I enjoy reading which I probably wouldn’t have found if it wasn’t for the awards. 
I love reading your blogs, I could spend hours everyday reading your blogs, they are so interesting and fun to read. I am glad that you guys were awarded the stylish blogger award also, because you are very deserving of it, and I hope it made you feel very encouraged and happy because of it.
Stylish Blogger award rules:
1. Thank and link back to the person who sent the award
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Award recently discovered bloggers

4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award
 In keeping with the guidelines...
  1. I’m am a very messy person, my room is a mess (not to be confused with dirty) but the funny thing is the rest of the house is spotless and I spend a lot of time ensuring that it is kept that way.
  2. I love sliding down bannisters. I used to always slide down the bannister at spotlight when I was a kid and whenever I go back there with my mum I usually revert to childhood and giggle while sliding down the bannister. I’m always paranoid that I’m going to shoot off the end and fall on my bum.
  3. I have only ever had one operation, and that was before I became a nurse. I can't remember a thing;)
  4. I have several empty photo frames around my room which are just waiting for the perfect photo.
  5. I am always dropping my phone, leaving it at home, or letting it get flat and not realising until it has run out. And I always take ages to reply to a text and hardly ever get to my phone before it goes to message bank
  6. I used to be an ace speller when I was a kid and even won a spelling bee in highschool.
  7. I have 5 ear piercings but I hardly ever wear earrings. And my brother is a jeweler but I don’t often wear jewelry (due to my occupation)
These are my favourite blogs of note.

Monday, 9 May 2011

kiss and makeup

my brother and his wife came home from their honeymoon today so I thought I should do my last section in the preparation for wedding ‘series’.  See previous posts on preparation nails, hair and  teeth whitening.
I got a new makeup bag from glitzy-glam. Will do a glitzy-glam haul soon

I actually got ready at the venue, I ‘borrowed’ the bridesmaids bathroom. I had to get there early because I got roped into helping my parents drive the flowers to the location. It was really scary because I didn’t want to damage the flowers by driving too fast or hitting any potholes, so I was driving very slowly (which I never do) and stressing because the last 20 minutes of driving was on a dirt road. But the flowers arrived intact and they were beautiful. I actually ‘caught’ the bouquet and the bridesmaid gave me her flowers as she was going to Tasmania (another state) the next day.
It was quite fun getting ready, because my mum was doing her makeup at the same time. I remember when I was a little girl watching mum put on her makeup and trying on her blush, and ending up looking like a red-faced clown. She ended up borrowing my some of my makeup and I borrowed her primer that she got the other day. 
So the first thing I did was put on the afore mentioned primer, which is covergirl and olay simply ageless serum primer. This left my skin feeling so soft and smooth, it was lovely. It mskes a great base for the rest of the makeup and helps it stay for longer as the silicone in the primer gives the makeup something to ‘grip’ to. 
I don’t know if this is weird but I prefer to put concealers on under foundation, as the concealer is usually a different colour to my foundation. I used Revlon’s age defying concealer (which I originally brought for my mum but ended up keeping it) just on my nose and chinand I used the Garnier roll on undereye concealer that I got it my garnier goodie bag, which concealed my dark circles nicely, but wasn’t a perfect match for my skin tone, so I went over it with my foundation. I applied the Revlon’s photoready foundation in 002 vanilla (for those who are wondering just how pale I am, this is a perfect match for my skin:) This foundation as it states in the name is great for photos. It has complete coverage and states that it gives an ‘airbrushed finish’. I loved how it looked in the photo’s my skin looked perfect and very natural and dewy. When I first got this foundation I actually tried some on in the store first and the went to work afterwards and asked my friends what they thought of the foundation. The all agreed that it looked really nice and natural, so on the way home that night I went back and brought it. It gives a radiance to the skin and makes it look very fresh and natural. 
It was a long day so I decided to put Revlon’s colourstay powder on to give my face some staying power. After that I applied my Maybelline mineral powder blush which is a gorgeous light candy pink/peachy colour, which looks lovely with my complexion, and then set to work on my eyes. Since my dress was lavender I wanted my eyes to match a little so I picked up these eyeshadows the friday before (I seem to leave everything to the last minute, I got the dress a fortnight before the wedding and my shoes 2 days before). The eyeshadow I used was the Maybelline eyestudio in LEGENDARY LILAC! I think I partly brought the eyeshadow set due to its awesome name:) It has a very informative picture of how to apply the colours and where, on the back of the container, which was very helpful as I don’t often wear eye shadows. It was all quite experimental, and I’m just glad it turned out all right. I did have a bit of a panic moment as I was putting on the mascara which was the last step, because I accidently blinked and mascara went everywhere. But I was able to salvage the situation using a cotton bud and a bit more foundation. I used the Loreal Telescopic mascara, which to be honest I’m not sure I actually like. I find that half of it ends up under my eyes and my eyelashes sort of clump together. So I think I might stick to my Rimmel lash accelerator in the future. I then put on some lip gloss in a deep berry colour. 
Heres a photo of  Lily having a good sniff of the wedding cake (it was covered incase any one was wondering:)

Saturday, 7 May 2011

mothers day

Happy Mothers Day! My mum had an amazing present for mothers day, she gained a daughter in law:) I didn't have much of a chance of beating that as a present, but I decided that I would do my best and I got her a blanket similar to the one I have at home. It is cream and really soft and has rosette pattern on it. I used to spend hours snuggled up in my blanket stroking it, and mum loves it too so I knew it would be a great present.

I also got mum some of Bloom's rosehip oil. I got mum some of this a while ago and she loves it, she practically bathes in this stuff. Which explains why she ran through it so fast. She actually asked me to get her some, so I just decided to get it for as a present.


I am seriously considering travelling to the US in August this year-for my birthday. Any recommendations of where to go? I'm thinking 2 or 3 weeks, Would love to go to New York, the grand canyon, California etc. especially while the Australian $ is so good. I've never been out of Australia before and I've decided my 26th birthday is a good enough reason to go overseas. Plus I want to go shopping:) You (US) guys have some fantastic stores that I would love to check out and everything is so much cheaper over there. Top of my list is Sephora, Forever 21 and Victoria's Secret. Anyone want to volunteer to be my tour guide?

Friday, 6 May 2011

100 things that make me happy part 4

100 things that make me happy. again its very therapeutic this week as i am sick and having a sucky time at work. happy thoughts get me through it.

31) dreaming of paris. i want to go so badly! i've never been overseas before

32) fireworks- i was in sydney harbour on my uncle's boat for new years eve, was amazing (my photo)

33) picnics 

34) rainbows 

35) spending time with family ( me and my dad when i was little, i love this photo1) 

36) sitting outside in a garden 

37) skipping. never fails to perk me up. i did it today:)

38) weekends. woohoo! its the weekend:)

39) birthdays 

40) watching funny youtube videos 

photos are either mine, from or google images

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Liebester Blog awards

So I was given this award by one of my favourite bloggers me my best and i. She is an awesome chick, I found her off Her blog is fantastic, very entertaining and informative, its the blog that I always check first when I jump on the net. I always find myself commenting on pretty much every post that she does.

The Liebster Award is designed to bring well deserved additional recognition to those bloggers with less than 300 followers.  If you receive the award you link back to the blogger that nominated you and nominate 3 more blogs.

I'm not sure if I am allowed to nominate me my best and I, because she was the one who gave me the award, but I think that she deserves the award again because she is amazing! I love her 'my BFF list' and 'my best wishes list'. she totally original and like me, she loves lush.
I love  fashion affair. I love her blog, it is so cute and fun, her latest blog is about nailpolishes to wear for spring. her blogs are so informative and I am always getting ideas from her blog, she has some amazing tips, such as how to keep your hands soft, and how to get your legs looking good for spring. I  probably check her blog every day.
Last but not least is Ashley. I have just recently started following Ashley and she has become a firm favourite of mine. I love how she is very interactive and is always commenting on my posts. Makes me feel special:) She has lovely posts about hauls and a fantastic post called  'friday night face, kardashian style'  which I will probably try and give it a go, although I'm sure it won't look as good as Ashley's effort:)

the mane attraction

I'm sorry I haven't been very consistent with my blogging. Its been a crazy week. There was the wedding, working (still sucks), I have ANOTHER cold (I can't believe it!!) and my internet ran out, but we are getting new internet soon, which is 100G. Hopefully we won't go over:)
I have previous blogs discussing my preparation for my brothers wedding here here, and here.
So I figured I would talk about how I prepared my hair for the wedding in past tense.
About 2 weeks ago I went to the hairdresser (a new one, I'm searching for a great hairdresser, this ones pretty good) and got a full head of foils, in some shade of blonde with violet undertones, silver highlights, a cool colour. blah blah blah. I sound like my mum when she orders coffee. The hairdresser did a lovely job and I also asked her to put a toner in my hair because it has an unfortunate habit of going brassy, which no amount of purple shampoo seems to affect. I love going to the hairdresser because they have an amazing ability to make my hair look beautiful, I always find myself looking in windows and anything that reflects to admire my mane after visiting the hairdressers. They also give good head-massage. I always find it interesting that when I wash my own hair it never feels as good as when someone else is washing it. 
I always feel a bit bad for my hair after getting it done because I know that its harsh on hair. So I decided to use my absolute favourite hair mask on it, this stuff is amazing!! It leaves my hair looking so silky, nourished and healthy. My hair always looks amazing after using this stuff. I first got onto this stuff because Elle ( recommended it. Macadamia Oil deep repair mask and healing oil. These are the bomb. 

I wash my hair as per normal with shampoo and then skip the conditioning part. I towel dry my hair and take a tablespoon of the mask and a pump of the oil a smear it through sections of my hair from root to tip. I feel like I use more of this than other people do, but I have a lot of hair and its quite long. Case in point, I was at the hairdressers for 3 hours getting foils done. And the hairdresser was fast. Anyways, the instructions say to just leave it on for ten minutes or so, but I always put it in just before I go to bed, put on my gorgeous lavender (I have a thing for purples) shower cap and go to sleep. Wash it out in the morning, shampoo and condition as per normal. Discover that hair feels amazing and proceed to run hands through it all day, and generally acting like I am in a pantene add.
For the wedding day I had my hair down and straightened. I always prefer to have my hair straightened the day before, because then its not so frizzy and it sits better. On friday night in after watching the royal wedding for about ten minutes, just to check out the dress, I washed and blow-dried my hair straight and then with my trusty GHD I straightened it properly. I also used a multitude of my favourite hair products which all smell yummy and are conditioning and protecting my hair.
Just before I started getting ready for the actual wedding while my brother was getting photos done, I put some more heat protectant balm in my hair and quickly went over my hair with the straightener to get out any kinks.  I’m going to go into more detail outlining the products that I use in my hair to keep it healthy, but I have a cold at the moment and I want to go back to sleep.