Monday, 18 April 2011

update on rimmels lash accelerator mascara

I took some more photos of my eyelashes before and after, but it is really hard taking photos with my eyes closed, so I didn't get any good before shots. but you can take my word for it my lashes are looking longer and thicker. I really like this mascara because not only does it have a growth serum in it, it is also very easy to apply, lengthens and separates.
heres the photos and no I'm not really cross-eyed, I was just focussing on the camera:)

just realised I am posting this blog exactly a month after the first one:)


  1. Awesome! Have you heared about NeuLash? It's amazing,like magic.It made my lashes really longer,also thicker. It's like i'd be wearing false lashes all the time. The only down side is the price,because it's really expensive :D But overall it's a great product! xx

  2. thankyou for the comment on the forum i posted on my blog. thankyou. please check out my blog too.

  3. I seriously must get my hands on this.. your lashes look amazingggg !!!! xxxx love suzie

  4. That looks fab, i'm a new follower x

  5. Wow.

    Never been a fan of Rimmel's mascaras but might try this.


  6. Oooo!! I may have to try this! My eyelashes are definitely what they used to be :( Great post hun!