Sunday, 3 April 2011

teenage dream

love OPI nailpolish. The application is super easy as it has a large brush and it has lasting abilities. They also have very clever ideas such as the OPI Katy Perry collection. 
The Katy Perry collection is on my wishlist, I can’t wait until payday so I can go out and buy it.

The collection includes teenage dream, which has gorgeous large chunky pink sparkles in it, not like the movies,  which is silver (not so interesting for me), last friday night a gorgeous glittery nailpolish similiar to teenage dream except that the colour is an electric blue. I love the look of the one that got away which is a deep, rich fuchsia pink with a shimmer. 
last friday night

teenage dream

the one that got away

from google images


  1. check out my post on the opi shatter collection.


  2. i have opi teenage dream its so preety.