Friday, 22 April 2011


My big brothers wedding is coming up next week, which is very exciting. Its going to be a huge day and it will be the first time in ages that all my family will be together. It will also be the first time my sister gets to meet her sister-in-law. Not to sound self centered but there is going to be 100’s of photos of us. So I will be posting a bunch of posts, telling you what I am doing in preparation leading up to the wedding. First is legs as they are the easiest. 
I have recently discovered that I have scales on my legs. I am usually very proactive with looking after my legs, they are always exfoliated, moisturised and hair free, but recently due to change in weather and the fact that I have become lazy and moved houses my legs are now hairy and scaly. NOT GOOD. After much searching I have finally brought the perfect dress for the wedding. Its lavendar, very pretty, floaty and finishes at the knees. There is no hiding my hibernation legs. 
So I went to LUSH on the weekend with my LUSH lust list and decided to try the buffy, and the aqua mirabilis body butters. The shop assistant was so lovely, she massaged the bars into my arms so that I could know what they felt like.  These body butters are beautiful, they exfoliate beautifully and moisturise at the same time. The ingredients work well together as the moisturising properties are more readily absorbed after exfoliation. I wanted to buy two body butters so that I could get the free tin, because I have heard that they will wash away in the shower if they are not protected from the water and steam. My mission is to exfoliate with these goodies everyday, I think that they are not too harsh, and they moisturise beautifully so they will not cause my skin to freak out.
I also use exfoliating gloves which I use with neutrogena’s oil-free acne wash foaming scrub. I originally brought the scrub for my face but after one use my skin reacted very badly, as in tomato red, felt like sandpaper and visible bumps all over my face. It looked like I had taken to my face with sandpaper. Not a good look. But it works wonderfully with my exfoliating gloves and smells amazing. 
I usually moisturise my legs in the morning and most of the time before I go to bed, but because I was moving I used up most of my moisturisers and the one the I did have I couldn’t find it after the move. So I purchased two new body moisturisers and then lo and behold I found my other moisturiser:) I decided to get the bigger sizes because they have a lot of work to do:)
When I went to the garden show garnier was giving out samples of their new body lotion, which smelt amazing and made my skin instantly soft and hydrated. 
I love the palmers cocoa butter, I put this on before bed as it has a very relaxing scent and I wake up with moisturised and soft legs. This works very well but I have to make sure that I wear old PJs as it leaves a yellow residue on my clothes. 
I’ve had the body shop’s moroccan rose body butter for a while and I have almost run out, but I will definitely be repurchasing this. It smells very florally and I have been complimented on the smell before. It does a great job of moisturising my legs and when used often prevents scales from developing. I will be stepping up the moisturising routine, and will be slathering moisturiser onto my body day and night.
When I was searching for my body butter I discovered that I still had the remnants of LUSH’s massage bar strawberry feels forever. This massage bar warms up on skin contact so you rub the bar directly onto your skin. Towards the end it started breaking up, but it smells fantastic, the girls at work comment that they can smell me coming (in a good way of course). Because it is a solid moisturiser it is jam packed full of cocoa butter and shea butter and has no need to contain emulsifiers and other products that keep lotions runny. It takes a while to absorb but this is my favourite body moisturiser. 
I am a big advocate for waxing and epilating. I know that it is painful and can be expensive if you get someone else to do it, but I find that the results last longer and after a while hair regrowth decreases and becomes finer. Shaving may be quick and easy but I really don’t like the three day sandpaper effect. Although if you want to save money you could just rub your legs together and not have to buy scrubs to exfoliate. Unfortunately I don’t have time to get an appointment to get my legs waxed, so I will have to get out my pretty sparkly wax strips (it won’t make waxing less painful, but it will make it more pretty).


  1. I used the rose body butter too before I got married. It's so pretty and feels so good. My skin goes bit mad and scaly too this time of year.

  2. I hope you have a fab time hun! xxx

  3. I also forgot about Buffy!! i used to love that and King of Skins 9do they still do that one??) PS I nominated you for an award on my blog :)