Sunday, 24 April 2011

preparation-teeth whitening

While looking at a very recent photo of myself,  I came to the unfortunate realisation that my teeth looked yellow in that photo. Not good. So I added teeth whitening to my ‘to do list’ in preparation for the wedding. 
I already had the white glo express whitening system that I had used previously with good results. This is good as the trays can be moulded to the shape of your teeth to minimise exposure of the bleach to the surrounding gums and tissue. It only takes 5 minutes, once a day, for two weeks. Now because I’m panicking about having yellow teeth I’ve been a naughty and am not exactly following the directions. I’m using it in the mornings and sometimes at nights also. The white glo also include a whitening toothpaste which I am using twice a day. I think I have already noticed that my teeth are more white (atleast I hope so:). To combat sensitivity I am using GC tooth mousse.  Which I got from my dentist. I have the vanilla one at the moment, its not bad:)

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  1. Oof I've been disgusted with my not-so-white teeth lately (damn coffee!!).. let me know how you get on!! P.S. - love that you list the upcoming posts. Makes me excited!!!!