Monday, 18 April 2011

part 2. 100 things that make me happy

these posts are actually quite therapeutic for me as I'm having a horrible time at work at the moment and it really sucks and is quite upsetting, and making me feel depressed.  I simply remember my favorite things. And then I don't feel so bad.

11. hot chocolate 

12. baths  (I had to have 2 pictures, the dogs are adorable)

 13. hot guys

14. old family photos

15. LILY

16. makeup

17. relaxing

18. presents

19. LUSH

20. flowers

photos were sourced from if they are not my own photos. the family photo is my siblings and I, I'm the baby.


  1. First of all I could not agree more with your items that make you happy :)! But, omg..that hot chocolate looks a-mazing!!! MMMmmmm!

    Lauren <3

  2. you have almost the same list of things that makes you happy as me
    my is plus : #Family time (my partner & child)
    #friends time
    #my new born kitties
    greetings from Cyprus, Katerina

  3. I love hot chocolates. i made one the other night, looked 20 times better than that one. i warm up the hot chocolate in the microwave with marshmallows on top so they melt:) yummo. i think i'm going to make myself one now:)