Sunday, 10 April 2011


try saying that ten times:)
I’ve finally moved house and am just setting up my room at the moment. I love having all my stuff back, although I can’t be bothered unpacking my boxes yet. My bed is made and at the moment that is all that matters. I have tomorrow off so that will be a chore for then. When I was moving I made the observation that I have a lot of LUSH bags (they are great because they are made out of paper so I don’t feel bad about taking one). Which reminded me that I wanted to take a look at their website ( the USA one because the Aussie one got hacked). They have some adorable stuff for Easter that I can’t wait to buy.

The Donkey Oaty. This is a pretty quirky idea, especially since it really has nothing to do with easter (maybe christmas, because a donkey carried Mary?) This is a bath bomb, its really cute and I love the gorgeous colours, and it smells like the charity pot fragrance 
I want to try the candy fluff egg (more appropriate for the easter theme) its a bright pink bathbomb, which from experience with LUSH it will turn my bathwater bright pink and smell amazing. I’m sure it will be a lot of fun and I will love watching it fizz and make everything pink. Its supposed to smell like fairy floss (cotton candy for those Americans) and the LUSH says the scent is the same as snow fairy (I can’t wait for christmas because I love that scent). I was looking at the ingredient list and the flower decorations that you can see in the picture are lollies. I don’t think your allowed to eat them though:) I’ll make sure I have my own supply of lollies handy when I have the candy fluff egg in my bath.
I also want to try the Buffy body butter because its coming into winter in Australia, and my skin always goes nuts when its starts getting cold, it gets all flaky and irritated. I was reading some of the reviews and people say that is great for their winter skin because it exfoliates and moisturises at the same time, some people even recommend it for eczema. I’ll have to make sure I get the tin also so that it doesn’t melt away.

As you can probably guess I LOVE roses! My mum has a huge garden and she probably has about 60 roses (she cut me a bunch yesterday so that I could have roses in my new house, bless!) So I decided that even though I have a nice chunk of the Miranda soap which smells amazing and the Christmas soap, snowflake (a chrissie present from my almost sister-in-law) I want to try out the ring of roses soap. I actually smelt it when I got the Miranda soap and it was a toss up between the two. Again because its getting cold here I want soaps that are moisturising and this is recommended for dry and irritated skin. 
My skin is bothering me at the moment as I have a huge frickin pimple on my chin. I love tea tree oil, I reckon that it works wonders on pimples and I will definitely be checking the tea tree toner when I go to LUSH. I need to get another toner, I finished up my last one just before I moved so I wouldn’t have to take it with me.

I was reading a review from one of my favourite bloggers, me, my best and I and she mentioned that she had recently purchased the orange blossom solid perfume. I love the smell of orange blossoms, it reminds me of Christmas at my nana’s when she lived on an orange farm. I love the idea of having a little stick that I can carry around in my handbag. Read her review here
I'll let you know when I get these and what I think of them


  1. i am in love with lush - they have the best products ever they just make your skin feel so amazing

    stop by sometime<3

  2. Thanks Katelin, and I always always love your Lush posts, even though you make me go back in and buy more stuff!! I saw the donkeys when I was in Lush there last- they look like little Mexican pinatas!! Your top 100 sounds v interesting. Looking forward to that :)

  3. I love Lush!

    My boyfriend is taking me shopping and buying me whatever I want (as a reward for studying 12hours + a day) on the weekend.
    The first thing I get will be a Donkey Oaty, and probably the mothers day flowers since I can't keep any real ones alive.

    You should get two different body butters as you get a free tin. My favourite is The Soft Touch.

    I love the scent of the Orange Blossom and at first I thought it would be the only one I like, but once I went in, I loved all of them; except for Karma (I have never liked the karma scent).

    I used to use ring of roses before it was a soap. When it was a buttercream it was more moisturising.

  4. Totally in love with Lush!

    I've actually said to my Mum if she wants to get me something for Easter I'd rather something from Lush than chocolate! The little chick ones are really cute as well as the donkeys! :)