Wednesday, 6 April 2011

I'm sick

I have a cold at the moment. Which SUX!! I always become a big sook when I am sick, and to top it off I’m moving this weekend. Last night I decided that instead of doing what I normally do when I have a cold, which is stay in bed watching One Tree Hill or Anne of Green Gables (they are packed up in boxes at the moment) while eating lots of food and drinking orange juice while taking vitamins for colds, I would instead take the time to pamper myself.
Last night I had a couple of shots of vodka to help cleanse my throat of all the nasty little bugs inhabiting it that were making my throat sore. This also had the added benefit of making my slightly woozy and not so aware of my condition. I then drew a bath, and threw in my LUSH butterball bathbomb, which was beautiful, moisturising and calming and left my skin feeling very soft (will definitely be repurchasing). It smells very nice too, last night I had the sense of smell (today I can’t smell a thing) it smells very vanilla(ry?) and I think it has cocoa butter in it too. I exfoliated my face Garnier blackhead cleansing scrub and then applied my current LUSH facemask BB seaweed facemask. I watched Alladin while soaking in the bath, singing along to all the songs until the facemask dried, at which point I washed it off. I also decided to put apply another facemask, the body shop’s vitamin E facemask for ten minutes also. 

After singing along to ‘A whole new world’ with the credits I hopped out of the bath, took out my contacts and applied my Natio Renew Radiance night cream, which is very relaxing as it smells of lavendar. I tried to go to sleep, but my throat was hurting again so I decided to go on the internet at which point I discovered that finally I could download the latest episode of Gossip Girl, ‘The kids are not alright’ (I’m in Australia and I-tunes has been a bit slow in releasing the episodes) so I decided to watch that while rubbing burts bees cuticle cream into my cuticles. While smelling the yummy scent of lemon, I had the brilliant idea of putting some of the LUSH lemony flutter on my nose which was getting a bit dry from all the nose blowing action, as it is a balm and can be used on dry patches of skin. I also put some blistex lip balm on my lips as they were getting dry. I then rubbed on some cocoa butter hand cream popped on my cotton gloves and actually slept from midnight to 7 in the morning, which was quite a surprise for me. This morning I still feel like crap, and my nose is running like a tap, but atleast my skin feels nice and soft. Think I might repeat the process tonight. Except I’ll watch ‘The Little Mermaid’ or ‘Beauty and the Beast’
I ate heaps of chocolate which in my opinion does an excellent job of soothing the throat (no one at work believes me, they have butter menthols instead. pfff, they taste nice but I don’t think they do much, chocolate is way better. I got a little chocolate freddo frog at work, it soothed my sore throat instantly). I always have lemonade when I’m sick it’s like my special little treat and keeps me hydrated because I find it difficult to swallow water when I have a cold. Heres a picture of my little stash that helps me get through a cold:


  1. i hope you get better soon.


  2. That teddy is so cute.

    also, I live in Watsonia North in the north suburbs of Melbourne. It's about 5 minutes from La Trobe University.