Thursday, 7 April 2011


Last weekend I went to the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. I received free tickets off Primped and took a friend with me on Sunday. I’ve been to the garden show 2 times previously and have always enjoyed myself immensely. Unfortunately my mum couldn’t come with me, she came the previous year and we ‘oohed and aahed’ at all the pretty garden and flower displays, and then when we got home we did the same with all the goodies that we collected in the gift bags. Today I will be going home after picking up the keys to my new home (to get all my stuff that is at my parents place) and I will show mum all the goodies that I got for her this year. I did pretty well for myself this year, I got her a bunch of natural alternative products for her roses (she has about 60 roses, which keeps her very busy), so she will enjoy that. 
I also brought my dad some beautiful tulip bulbs-my dads garden obsession is tulips, he is so funny when he plants them, he selects the nicest terra cotta pots, plants his tulips and then carefully waters them when needed and delicately pulls out any weeds. When the tulips start flowering, he takes tons of photos of them and enjoys looking at them everyday:)
what dads tulips will look like
After all my wandering around with my heavy goody bags, I decided to stop by the Garnier dome and have a free massage and get my free goodie bag. The massage was amazing, ten minutes of heaven. I must definitely make time to have massages in the future, they make such a difference (my old housemate was a massage therapist, as is my sister, but I never got massages from them, couldn’t be bothered).
free stuff!:)
The garden displays and floral displays were amazing, I took a bunch of photos for my mum to give her some ideas for her expansive garden. I loved looking and smelling all the beautiful flowers (lucky I don’t suffer from hayfever) my special favourites are roses and lilys.

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