Wednesday, 27 April 2011

hands and face prep.

So I’m laying on my couch watching friends re-runs, I just watched the one with Julia Roberts, she gets revenge on Chandler by making him wear her underwear and then nicking off with his clothes..teehehehe. I’ve got a lovely green clay mask on my face to clear out impurities, and then I’m going to use a biore pore strip to draw out blackheads. 
Does anyone have any good products/tips for preventing/eliminating blackheads? They are the bane of my existence. I’m sure they are not as bad as I think they are. I discovered a dry patch on the side of my face the other day, and yesterday I was looking at photos, I discovered that this dry patch has been around for a while. So I’ve been putting some of LUSH’s lemony flutter cuticle butter on it as it is recommended for dry patches. Its a pretty stubborn dry patch (it has to have been to survive for several months) so we will see if the cuticle butter fixes it. 

I also just did my nails, they had become a bit mangled lately, so I cut them short and buffed them and will rub in some cuticle butter later to soften up the cuticles. I’m thinking about having a bath later so I will be sure to soak my hands at the same time. After work on friday I will put on OPI’s ‘do you lilac it?” which matches my lavender dress perfectly. I’m really excited about my dress, its so pretty. I’m a bit worried because I haven’t found any shoes or a clutch to match yet (I’m thinking matching and cream), and I only have tomorrow to search for them. I told someone at work that, they were so shocked that I didn’t have any shoes yet, I only got the dress last sunday!!  The perfect shoes are much easier to find than the perfect dress. I think I’m going to go to bed soon, I have a huge day of frantic shopping ahead of me tomorrow.
OPI do you lilac it?
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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

100 things that make me happy part 3

these are things that have been making me happy this week

21) sunshine. Because it's autumn in Australia, I am appreciating every ray.

22) walking with leaves crunching underfoot. The streets are beautiful at the moment because they are covered in leaves. I love the sound of leaves crunching when you step on them

23) easter eggs

24) hot cross buns. joke: how do you make hot cross buns? pour boiling water down the rabbit hole:)

25) weddings. its my brothers wedding this saturday, I'm getting so excited!

26) shoes. 

27) re-runs of friends. My housemate has the box set of friends

28) nailpolish

29) scarves. its so nice to snuggle up into a scarf when its cold

30) bonfires

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Sunday, 24 April 2011

preparation-teeth whitening

While looking at a very recent photo of myself,  I came to the unfortunate realisation that my teeth looked yellow in that photo. Not good. So I added teeth whitening to my ‘to do list’ in preparation for the wedding. 
I already had the white glo express whitening system that I had used previously with good results. This is good as the trays can be moulded to the shape of your teeth to minimise exposure of the bleach to the surrounding gums and tissue. It only takes 5 minutes, once a day, for two weeks. Now because I’m panicking about having yellow teeth I’ve been a naughty and am not exactly following the directions. I’m using it in the mornings and sometimes at nights also. The white glo also include a whitening toothpaste which I am using twice a day. I think I have already noticed that my teeth are more white (atleast I hope so:). To combat sensitivity I am using GC tooth mousse.  Which I got from my dentist. I have the vanilla one at the moment, its not bad:)

Friday, 22 April 2011


My big brothers wedding is coming up next week, which is very exciting. Its going to be a huge day and it will be the first time in ages that all my family will be together. It will also be the first time my sister gets to meet her sister-in-law. Not to sound self centered but there is going to be 100’s of photos of us. So I will be posting a bunch of posts, telling you what I am doing in preparation leading up to the wedding. First is legs as they are the easiest. 
I have recently discovered that I have scales on my legs. I am usually very proactive with looking after my legs, they are always exfoliated, moisturised and hair free, but recently due to change in weather and the fact that I have become lazy and moved houses my legs are now hairy and scaly. NOT GOOD. After much searching I have finally brought the perfect dress for the wedding. Its lavendar, very pretty, floaty and finishes at the knees. There is no hiding my hibernation legs. 
So I went to LUSH on the weekend with my LUSH lust list and decided to try the buffy, and the aqua mirabilis body butters. The shop assistant was so lovely, she massaged the bars into my arms so that I could know what they felt like.  These body butters are beautiful, they exfoliate beautifully and moisturise at the same time. The ingredients work well together as the moisturising properties are more readily absorbed after exfoliation. I wanted to buy two body butters so that I could get the free tin, because I have heard that they will wash away in the shower if they are not protected from the water and steam. My mission is to exfoliate with these goodies everyday, I think that they are not too harsh, and they moisturise beautifully so they will not cause my skin to freak out.
I also use exfoliating gloves which I use with neutrogena’s oil-free acne wash foaming scrub. I originally brought the scrub for my face but after one use my skin reacted very badly, as in tomato red, felt like sandpaper and visible bumps all over my face. It looked like I had taken to my face with sandpaper. Not a good look. But it works wonderfully with my exfoliating gloves and smells amazing. 
I usually moisturise my legs in the morning and most of the time before I go to bed, but because I was moving I used up most of my moisturisers and the one the I did have I couldn’t find it after the move. So I purchased two new body moisturisers and then lo and behold I found my other moisturiser:) I decided to get the bigger sizes because they have a lot of work to do:)
When I went to the garden show garnier was giving out samples of their new body lotion, which smelt amazing and made my skin instantly soft and hydrated. 
I love the palmers cocoa butter, I put this on before bed as it has a very relaxing scent and I wake up with moisturised and soft legs. This works very well but I have to make sure that I wear old PJs as it leaves a yellow residue on my clothes. 
I’ve had the body shop’s moroccan rose body butter for a while and I have almost run out, but I will definitely be repurchasing this. It smells very florally and I have been complimented on the smell before. It does a great job of moisturising my legs and when used often prevents scales from developing. I will be stepping up the moisturising routine, and will be slathering moisturiser onto my body day and night.
When I was searching for my body butter I discovered that I still had the remnants of LUSH’s massage bar strawberry feels forever. This massage bar warms up on skin contact so you rub the bar directly onto your skin. Towards the end it started breaking up, but it smells fantastic, the girls at work comment that they can smell me coming (in a good way of course). Because it is a solid moisturiser it is jam packed full of cocoa butter and shea butter and has no need to contain emulsifiers and other products that keep lotions runny. It takes a while to absorb but this is my favourite body moisturiser. 
I am a big advocate for waxing and epilating. I know that it is painful and can be expensive if you get someone else to do it, but I find that the results last longer and after a while hair regrowth decreases and becomes finer. Shaving may be quick and easy but I really don’t like the three day sandpaper effect. Although if you want to save money you could just rub your legs together and not have to buy scrubs to exfoliate. Unfortunately I don’t have time to get an appointment to get my legs waxed, so I will have to get out my pretty sparkly wax strips (it won’t make waxing less painful, but it will make it more pretty).

Monday, 18 April 2011

update on rimmels lash accelerator mascara

I took some more photos of my eyelashes before and after, but it is really hard taking photos with my eyes closed, so I didn't get any good before shots. but you can take my word for it my lashes are looking longer and thicker. I really like this mascara because not only does it have a growth serum in it, it is also very easy to apply, lengthens and separates.
heres the photos and no I'm not really cross-eyed, I was just focussing on the camera:)

just realised I am posting this blog exactly a month after the first one:)

part 2. 100 things that make me happy

these posts are actually quite therapeutic for me as I'm having a horrible time at work at the moment and it really sucks and is quite upsetting, and making me feel depressed.  I simply remember my favorite things. And then I don't feel so bad.

11. hot chocolate 

12. baths  (I had to have 2 pictures, the dogs are adorable)

 13. hot guys

14. old family photos

15. LILY

16. makeup

17. relaxing

18. presents

19. LUSH

20. flowers

photos were sourced from if they are not my own photos. the family photo is my siblings and I, I'm the baby.

Friday, 15 April 2011

nailed it

I just love the cheesy lines i come up with. so dorky. 
anyways back on topic...
I am extremely bad at applying nailpolish. The clear stuff is great, because if I go outside my nails it can’t be seen. I was never good at colouring in between the lines. I am always envious of people who can paint their nails A) inside the lines and B) do amazing nail art. Some of the blogs that I am super jealous of are nailed and youvegotnail
Anyways I was reading reviews on primped about Sally Hansens new Salon effects. The designs they have are amazing!! I love the gorgeous patterns such as booty camp, bling it on, wild child and laced up. I think I might save these for the holidays as they are quite expensive and they are supposed to last for ten days, which of course wouldn’t happen if I was at work. has anyone else used these? what do you think of them? worth the money?

Monday, 11 April 2011

100 things that make me happy part 1

I got this idea from .x.Sarah.x. who got the idea of someone else, and basically I will just be posting every week things that make me happy. There will be ten parts with ten things.

1) cherry blossoms

2) cupcakes  

3) surprise packages in the mail 

4) Jumping in puddles

5) reading

6) exercising 

7) cartoons 

8) sleeping in

9) shopping

10) listening to music

pictures from weheartit

Sunday, 10 April 2011


try saying that ten times:)
I’ve finally moved house and am just setting up my room at the moment. I love having all my stuff back, although I can’t be bothered unpacking my boxes yet. My bed is made and at the moment that is all that matters. I have tomorrow off so that will be a chore for then. When I was moving I made the observation that I have a lot of LUSH bags (they are great because they are made out of paper so I don’t feel bad about taking one). Which reminded me that I wanted to take a look at their website ( the USA one because the Aussie one got hacked). They have some adorable stuff for Easter that I can’t wait to buy.

The Donkey Oaty. This is a pretty quirky idea, especially since it really has nothing to do with easter (maybe christmas, because a donkey carried Mary?) This is a bath bomb, its really cute and I love the gorgeous colours, and it smells like the charity pot fragrance 
I want to try the candy fluff egg (more appropriate for the easter theme) its a bright pink bathbomb, which from experience with LUSH it will turn my bathwater bright pink and smell amazing. I’m sure it will be a lot of fun and I will love watching it fizz and make everything pink. Its supposed to smell like fairy floss (cotton candy for those Americans) and the LUSH says the scent is the same as snow fairy (I can’t wait for christmas because I love that scent). I was looking at the ingredient list and the flower decorations that you can see in the picture are lollies. I don’t think your allowed to eat them though:) I’ll make sure I have my own supply of lollies handy when I have the candy fluff egg in my bath.
I also want to try the Buffy body butter because its coming into winter in Australia, and my skin always goes nuts when its starts getting cold, it gets all flaky and irritated. I was reading some of the reviews and people say that is great for their winter skin because it exfoliates and moisturises at the same time, some people even recommend it for eczema. I’ll have to make sure I get the tin also so that it doesn’t melt away.

As you can probably guess I LOVE roses! My mum has a huge garden and she probably has about 60 roses (she cut me a bunch yesterday so that I could have roses in my new house, bless!) So I decided that even though I have a nice chunk of the Miranda soap which smells amazing and the Christmas soap, snowflake (a chrissie present from my almost sister-in-law) I want to try out the ring of roses soap. I actually smelt it when I got the Miranda soap and it was a toss up between the two. Again because its getting cold here I want soaps that are moisturising and this is recommended for dry and irritated skin. 
My skin is bothering me at the moment as I have a huge frickin pimple on my chin. I love tea tree oil, I reckon that it works wonders on pimples and I will definitely be checking the tea tree toner when I go to LUSH. I need to get another toner, I finished up my last one just before I moved so I wouldn’t have to take it with me.

I was reading a review from one of my favourite bloggers, me, my best and I and she mentioned that she had recently purchased the orange blossom solid perfume. I love the smell of orange blossoms, it reminds me of Christmas at my nana’s when she lived on an orange farm. I love the idea of having a little stick that I can carry around in my handbag. Read her review here
I'll let you know when I get these and what I think of them

Thursday, 7 April 2011


Last weekend I went to the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. I received free tickets off Primped and took a friend with me on Sunday. I’ve been to the garden show 2 times previously and have always enjoyed myself immensely. Unfortunately my mum couldn’t come with me, she came the previous year and we ‘oohed and aahed’ at all the pretty garden and flower displays, and then when we got home we did the same with all the goodies that we collected in the gift bags. Today I will be going home after picking up the keys to my new home (to get all my stuff that is at my parents place) and I will show mum all the goodies that I got for her this year. I did pretty well for myself this year, I got her a bunch of natural alternative products for her roses (she has about 60 roses, which keeps her very busy), so she will enjoy that. 
I also brought my dad some beautiful tulip bulbs-my dads garden obsession is tulips, he is so funny when he plants them, he selects the nicest terra cotta pots, plants his tulips and then carefully waters them when needed and delicately pulls out any weeds. When the tulips start flowering, he takes tons of photos of them and enjoys looking at them everyday:)
what dads tulips will look like
After all my wandering around with my heavy goody bags, I decided to stop by the Garnier dome and have a free massage and get my free goodie bag. The massage was amazing, ten minutes of heaven. I must definitely make time to have massages in the future, they make such a difference (my old housemate was a massage therapist, as is my sister, but I never got massages from them, couldn’t be bothered).
free stuff!:)
The garden displays and floral displays were amazing, I took a bunch of photos for my mum to give her some ideas for her expansive garden. I loved looking and smelling all the beautiful flowers (lucky I don’t suffer from hayfever) my special favourites are roses and lilys.