Wednesday, 30 March 2011

SuPAWt Soap

LUSH is selling the supawt soap to raise awareness about puppy farm. i couldn't wait to get my paws (haha geddit?) on this and show my support for this great initiative. it breaks my heart to hear about how dogs are treated at puppy farms, the poor mites. go into any lush store and buy this soap to help, and also sign the petition, hopefully we can make a difference.
and heres a photo of my baby (she lives with my parents, but she sleeps in my bed when i go home:)  LILY


  1. awww thats so cute - I haven't seen them in the stores here yet but hope they get them soon!

  2. Got mine too- too cute. Great they give all the proceeds to a great cause!! By the way got the Melting Marshmallow yesterday too. You're right, its lovely. Skin so soft today!

  3. i saw this at lush and i didn't like the smell, so i didn't get it, although it is super cute.