Thursday, 3 March 2011

pampering oneself

I'm not much for doing my hair or slapping on some makeup (only very special occasions, or when I can be bothered/ feel like it) but I do like a good pampering session.  I love smoothing a decadent hair mask through my hair, running a bath and putting a face mask on and just relaxing in the bath for a while, reading a romantic book with some soft music and candles flickering away.
unfortunately at the moment my bathtub is rather small so I can't fully submerge myself, I either have lay there with my knees out of water or my shoulders, I usually alternate.
anyway I have recently become addicted to lush goodies (due to becoming addicted to allthatglitters21 on youtube, who herself is addicted to lush) and have quite a stash of bathbombs, bubble bars, scrubs, massage bars, soaps, hair masks and a face mask, which I have accumulated in quite a short time. I think this is due to the fact that I'm a bit stressed and sad at the moment and have turned to retail lush therapy. and the people at lush are so nice, I went there after work the other day, and this lovely guy was trying masks on my hand, and he was so sweet, helped me pick a mask, I got the purple one (I can't remember what its called). I got the purple one mainly because I liked the smell and because purple is my favourite colour ( it was his favourite colour too). ok I just got off my butt and went to the fridge to find out what the mask is called...and now I've kind of forgotten...castrophe cosmetic?? I'll go check again... I brought it back with me this time so I could get the spelling right. it is catastrophe cosmetic. lush's facemasks have no preservatives in them and only last a couple of weeks so they have to be kept in the fridge. anyway this mask is so nice, it has blueberrys in it, so it is full of anitoxidants, and its just a very soothing and relaxing mask, and leaves my face feeling very soft and clean afterwards. and its purple.
I've tried a couple of their hair masks also, and since I've been using them I've found that my hair is much more healthier, less tangled, more shiny and softer. and I keep flicking it around like I'm in a pantene add. Mask of the month is jasmine and henna fluff ease. The smell is a bit much to take, but after a minute I really don't notice the smell. The instructions for the hair masks say to put it in for 20 minutes before washing out, but I put it in, comb it through put a cute shower cap on and have a bath for half an hour or so, which helps the mask soak in. I sleep with it in my hair and then the next morning I wash it out. I put a bunch of products in it, mostly because I like the smell of the products I use and because I have very knotty hair (which the mask improves but it is still a bit knotty). and I put the products in to mask the smell of the hair treatments. The one I'm using at the moment kind of smells like cigarette smoke which I'm not a fan of.  Its worth it, because my hair is nice and soft and healthy now. I'm trying to build up my hair at the moment and in a couple of weeks I'm going to go to my hairdresser and get some foils and go back to light ash blonde again.
anyway i'm sure this post is long and rambling enough, so i will go. I'm sure i will ramble on again about lush stuff in another post.

my housemates must think I'm so weird at times, keeping facemasks in the fridge, walking around with hair masks in my hair, covered by pink polka dot shower caps...

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