Monday, 28 March 2011

Lush Haul

I have another LUSH haul!! so I do confess to being a LUSHaholic but I have only recently discovered these gems so I am starting my stash (and not all of these goodies are for me...I swear!). These LUSH haul actually occurred a week or so ago (so its part haul, part review) and was accumulated over 2 shopping trips, which you know for me is a sign that I was in a bad mood. I swear I am turning into a cranky bitch. I was never like this before, I used to be all rainbows and sunshine;) 
I brought the lemony flutter cuticle butter (those clever little poets), which I mentioned in my nails post. This stuff is amazing. I smells very lemony as the name suggests and you can also use it on dry parts of your body such as elbows or feet, etc. I sometimes get a dry patch or a bit of eczema on my elbows so I pop that on there, clears it up beautifully. I’m such a dork, it don’t want the cream rubbing off my elbows so I got an old pair of socks and cut of the end, and I pull them up to my elbow so that it they cover my elbows and improve absorption. My housemates must think i’m nuts.
The comforter bubble bar. This is the second time I have brought this, and it is so much fun. It produces the craziest bubbles and tints the water pink. I reckon it smells like sherbet  fizz or some sort of lollies (I have a sweet tooth). 
I brought the It’s raining men shower gel for my mummy because I made her use mine last time I was down and she loved it. And when I’ve used up all of mine I can just take hers back. She probably wouldn’t have used it all up. This shower gel smells a.m.a.z.i.n.g! It smells like honey and lollies.
BB seaweed face mask. I tried this one because I liked the description and it applies nicely to the skin. I’ve tried it and it smells quite nice and is perfect for sensitive skin. It gently exfoliates the skin when washing it off and leaves it hydrated and nourished, feeling soft.
I got the bubblegum lip scrub  on a whim. It has sugar in it, it tastes like bubblegum, whats not to love? It does a nice job, my lips feel very soft after using this, but I think its actually a bit dry. I had to moisten it a bit before I rubbed it on my lips. 
I got a sample of the Miranda Soap a while back a fell in love with the smell. I like their soaps, they foam really well, and leave a clean but not dry feeling to the skin. Which I love because I am prone to eczema if I use a harsh soap or do not moisturise all the time.
Sakura:  I haven’t used this bath bomb yet, but I can’t wait to, its first on my list. It smells amazing, the description says it smells like “mimosa and jasmine”  and its just soo pretty.
I also got Butterball bath bomb because its supposed to be very moisturising and relaxing and it smells delicious. As you know I am always on the lookout for moisturising things.
Sugar babe scrub smells amazing! I am always on the search for a good exfoliator that also moisturises at the same time. This one has coconut oil in the centre and sugar for the exfoliant.
I have brought the melting marshmallow moment before and I love how creamy and silky it feels in the bath, and leaves my skin feeling super soft and moisturised. It also smells amazing! My aunt was recently down for a visit, (AG) we went to see Mary Poppins and before we went out I thought we should have a bit of a pamper sesh (in a limited amount of time, I got held up at work, and then my shoe broke), so I got a bucket with warm water and a bit of the MMM and she soaked her feet in it for a while. Anyways she exclaimed that it smelt like bubblegum. Must remember to buy her some for her birthday.
I don’t think I’ve actually used any of the bath products yet, the weather has actually been reasonable here, it almost reached 30 degrees (Celsius) the other day (I’m being sarcastic, we’ve had a rather pathetic, non-existent summer). 


  1. Thx for your message Katelin. I was reading this post actually last night!! Am loving Lush again - am heading bcak in for the Orange Blossom perfume stick this weekend. So yum! Your post made me want the marshmallow melting moment. May get that too!

  2. Hi Katelin! I love your blog!!

    I was wondering if you think the Lush body was "Its raining men" is suitable for dry sensitive skin!? xx

  3. i am prone to eczema, and i found that the its raining men shower gel did not exacerbate this. i find with some gels my legs will feel really dry and tight and this did not happen with the its raining men shower gel. i even used it on my face one day cos i liked the smell so much:)

  4. Love the post! Lush is such an addiction; my wallet cries every time I go there ahah!
    In fact I’m about to post my huge haul. Lush is the best around Christmas. (: