Sunday, 13 March 2011

lush hair treatments

As previously mentioned I have become a lush junkie. I am really loving their hair masks at the moment, at one stage I had three of their masks in my cupboard, but I am trying to use them up before I buy any more. The first mask I tried was the H’suan wen hua. The Lush website describes it as:
“Super-conditioning care to feed your hungry hair. It's LUSH salad dressing for the head; a nutritious treat to make hair more healthy and pleased to be alive! Avocados are nutritious and softening, balsamic vinegar gives amazing shine, and watercress infusion is exceptionally high in vitamins and increases the tensile strength of the hair.”
I found that it did all that it promised to do and then some. Before I used it, my hair felt quite coarse and was very knotty and dull, and after using this hair moisturiser it felt very soft and silky and I took a shine to it, as did my hair. I actually did not follow the directions precisely, as it says to use about half the pot for long hair. I have reasonably long hair and it is very thick but I got about 4 uses out of the pot. I also left it in overnight for good measure. I put the treatment in my hair while running a bath, and added the lush comforter bar to the bath, to make bathtime fun with an abundance of frothy bubbles and tinted pink water. I also used the catastrophe cosmetic face mask as I like to multi task my beauty treatments. I put my adorable purple shower cap on my head and relax in the bath, letting the steam warm both masks, improving the absorption and effectiveness of these products. Then I sleep in the hair mask and wash it out the next morning and style my hair as usual (read: put a couple of serums, balms and leave in conditioners and let my hair dry naturally then put it up in a top knot).
I also have the Marilyn hair treatment that I am waiting to use when I have dyed my hair back to blonde as it is recommended for blondes. If it is anything like lush’s other products I am sure it will be amazing. I can’t wait to use it. I read some of the reviews on the lush website and some of the reviews suggest putting it in hair and then sitting in the sun for a while as the chamomile needs sunlight or warmth for it to work effectively. So I’m sure I will do precisely that when I start to use the treatment. The lush website describes Marilyn as:
“Softness, brightness and shine for blonde hair. Marilyn is for blondes who would like to stay blonde and become even more so, in a gentle, shiny and natural way. We make it with softening linseed gel, chamomile for lightness and to calm your scalp, saffron for golden colour, lemon for shine and olive oil to moisturize your hair. It also lightens gradually.
I am using the Jasmine and Henna Fluff ease, which does not smell like a bunch of flowers. More like cigarette smoke actually. I used this one the other day and I am happy to report the smell wears off after a little bit and to be honest after a couple of minutes of it being in my hair I did not notice the smell. I always put lovely smelling products in my hair after washing it anyway so it tends to smell more like coconut and lollies. Again it does what the lush website promises: 
“If your hair is a little fluffy, frizzy, dry or out-of-control, this is the one for you. It's packed with copious amounts of moisturizing and nutrient-filled oils including organic jojoba, almond, brazil nut and extra virgin coconut oil. It works brilliantly on curly hair as well, as all the oils help define the curls and add loads of shine.” My hair was definitely less frizzy which is good as it has been raining here a lot recently. If you can get over the initial unpleasant smell it is well worth it.
I try to use these treatments once as week as part of my pampering session, which I’m sure my housemates think is terribly weird as I will be walking around our apartment with my shower cap on and sometimes white gloves if I have handcream on. I also store my facemasks in the fridge as well as some of my nailpolishes so I am sure they think I am either quite vain or just a little bit crazy. Possibly a combination of the two.

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