Tuesday, 8 March 2011

ins and outs

*hanging out with my AG (Aunty Gayle). She’s in Melbourne for a couple of days staying with us.  
*going to see Mary Poppins the other day at ‘Her Majesty’s Theatre’. It was amazing and Verity Hunt-Ballard and Matt Lee did a wonderful job. i was a bit hesitant to see it because i remember when i was a kid i think we hated mary poppins. but i’m sure we didn’t hate it that much because we seemed to watch it a lot. The songs were amazing as well as the dancing. i think my favourite bit was Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious scene.
*my hair. I’ve started regularily using masks for my hair from lush and my hair is so soft and healthy looking. i feel i’m getting a bit vain, i’m always looking at my hair in the mirror and running my fingers through it. i need to go to the hairdressers though, its in need of a good haircut and colour.
*4 day weekends. i have had friday, saturday sunday and monday of, and have been at mum and dads relaxing, and just generally doing nothing. watching tv, snuggling with lily (my parents dog-shes a maltese shitzu poodle, dad calls her a malti shitty poo). read a couple of books and hang out with mum and dad and my uncle and aunty (different ones from AG).
*my clothes disintegrating. in this week i have had to chuck 2 pairs of jeans cos they have both had holes in the same place, which requires that they be chucked immediately, my favourite pair of thongs (as in flip flops for non-australian people) broke in the middle of crossing bourke st in the city. i had to walk around in bare feet like a homeless person til i brought a cheap pair of shoes. I lost a T-shirt at work the other day and my loofa unraveled just this morning. 
*Taking the train. i had to take the train to my parents which is 3 hours away cos i lent them my car for a couple of weeks. trains suck. its so boring, and i forgot to bring the book i’m currently reading. i have my laptop which is keeping me from totally getting annoyed and swearing off public transport forever. i think i’m going to drive back to melbourne tho, cos it sucks not having a car.
*having to save money instead of spending it all. i’m saving up for something big at the moment which means that i have to be very frugal, which is putting me in a bad mood. and it also means that i can’t go and buy a new pair of jeans that i desperately want.
*running out of internet downloads. my housemate and i totally went over our allocated downloads this month and we have had to go 2 weeks without the internet. we are having withdrawal symptoms. we have to wait until the 11th. 
*the sucky summer we’ve had. i love summer, i love swimming, wearing cute shorts pretty summery dresses and getting a bit of colour to my skin (i’m very pale), and i think we’ve had 2 days over 40 degrees, and maybe 7 days over 30 degrees. i’ve barely done any summer activities. although i did get sunburnt once or twice which is proof that summer did actually occur. my sister lives in perth where pretty much every day is over 30 degrees, i’m so jealous of her. she loves to rub it in.
  1. how do you make a maltese cross? 
  2. A. stand on its toes.

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