Friday, 18 March 2011

house hunting

I'm just about to go get ready so i can go and look at 2 rental properties. I find looking for places to live and filling out all the necessary paperwork incredibly stressful and depressing so I am trying to make it less painful by promising myself rewards.  today I am looking at 2 properties and afterwards I think I will splash out and visit one of my favourite shops-LUSH- and get a new facemask (I have 5 empty pots so i get it for free) haven't decided which one yet, a couple of bath bombs, the comforter bubble bar and anything else that takes my fancy (must remember my 10% off voucher). Will probably also buy myself a new pair of jeans since my collection is significantly diminished due to horrible week of everything breaking (see a previous post). anyway i have to go make myself look presentable so i can impress the realestate agents. wish me luck!

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