Tuesday, 15 March 2011


I have a haul!!

I wanted to try this mascara as I have rather pathetic lashes and am very envious of people who have lovely long eyelashes. Especially guys. I feel its wasted on them. One of the doctors at work has the prettiest eyelashes which I can not help but gaze at all the time, very jealous
I also brought this mascara at the same time, it was recommended and the reviews for it are very good. It is supposed to make eyelashes very long and defined and doesn’t smudge. I like the look of the brush, I think that brushes of these designs are quite clever and separate lashes quite nicely and prevent clumping. 
 Covergirl and Olay simply ageless concealer. I’ve recently become quite paranoid about wrinkles under my eyes. My mum has rather wrinkly eyes and I’m afraid my eyes will turn out the same if I don’t start using eye cream on them early. I also have dark circles under my eyes so I’m looking forward to seeing if this does the trick.  Unfortunately I left it in my friends car so I have to wait until I see her next to get it back. 
DNAging firming eye care. I’m also looking forward to seeing if this one has any positive effects.
Basically when I buy a foundation I look at the palest foundation, try it on my jawline and usually that is the colour that best matches my complexion.  I apparently have a nice complexion but I think that close up my skintone is uneven and I have lots of pigmntation and scarring from when I was younger and had a lot of pimples that I picked. My nanna said not pick pimples and showed me all the little spots on her face but I didn't listen....dammit! 
Maybelline dream mousse blush. I tried this on in the store and it is a lovely colour and has a bit of an illuminating shimmer, this mousse goes on lovely and blends in well with the fingers.

edit: I had to redo this post cos the pictures buggered off, so I got out my trusty camera and took these ones myself. quite the photographer (not)

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  1. The Telescopic Mascara is my favourite - nice wand and formula :D x