Wednesday, 30 March 2011


is it dorky that i get excited when i get a new follower or comments? almost as excited as when mum and I went shopping the other day and I spotted these gorgeous boots. i spotted them first and then realised there was only one size...6 1/2 as i held my breath and tried them on i felt relief and excitement. they fit. the perks of having small feet:)

SuPAWt Soap

LUSH is selling the supawt soap to raise awareness about puppy farm. i couldn't wait to get my paws (haha geddit?) on this and show my support for this great initiative. it breaks my heart to hear about how dogs are treated at puppy farms, the poor mites. go into any lush store and buy this soap to help, and also sign the petition, hopefully we can make a difference.
and heres a photo of my baby (she lives with my parents, but she sleeps in my bed when i go home:)  LILY

Tuesday, 29 March 2011


my brother is getting married in a months time and I have been holding out on getting my hair done so that it can look perfect for the wedding. I always have problems getting the perfect colour, so I think I'm going to have to take this photo in with me when I get my hair done. fingers crossed!

Monday, 28 March 2011

Lush Haul

I have another LUSH haul!! so I do confess to being a LUSHaholic but I have only recently discovered these gems so I am starting my stash (and not all of these goodies are for me...I swear!). These LUSH haul actually occurred a week or so ago (so its part haul, part review) and was accumulated over 2 shopping trips, which you know for me is a sign that I was in a bad mood. I swear I am turning into a cranky bitch. I was never like this before, I used to be all rainbows and sunshine;) 
I brought the lemony flutter cuticle butter (those clever little poets), which I mentioned in my nails post. This stuff is amazing. I smells very lemony as the name suggests and you can also use it on dry parts of your body such as elbows or feet, etc. I sometimes get a dry patch or a bit of eczema on my elbows so I pop that on there, clears it up beautifully. I’m such a dork, it don’t want the cream rubbing off my elbows so I got an old pair of socks and cut of the end, and I pull them up to my elbow so that it they cover my elbows and improve absorption. My housemates must think i’m nuts.
The comforter bubble bar. This is the second time I have brought this, and it is so much fun. It produces the craziest bubbles and tints the water pink. I reckon it smells like sherbet  fizz or some sort of lollies (I have a sweet tooth). 
I brought the It’s raining men shower gel for my mummy because I made her use mine last time I was down and she loved it. And when I’ve used up all of mine I can just take hers back. She probably wouldn’t have used it all up. This shower gel smells a.m.a.z.i.n.g! It smells like honey and lollies.
BB seaweed face mask. I tried this one because I liked the description and it applies nicely to the skin. I’ve tried it and it smells quite nice and is perfect for sensitive skin. It gently exfoliates the skin when washing it off and leaves it hydrated and nourished, feeling soft.
I got the bubblegum lip scrub  on a whim. It has sugar in it, it tastes like bubblegum, whats not to love? It does a nice job, my lips feel very soft after using this, but I think its actually a bit dry. I had to moisten it a bit before I rubbed it on my lips. 
I got a sample of the Miranda Soap a while back a fell in love with the smell. I like their soaps, they foam really well, and leave a clean but not dry feeling to the skin. Which I love because I am prone to eczema if I use a harsh soap or do not moisturise all the time.
Sakura:  I haven’t used this bath bomb yet, but I can’t wait to, its first on my list. It smells amazing, the description says it smells like “mimosa and jasmine”  and its just soo pretty.
I also got Butterball bath bomb because its supposed to be very moisturising and relaxing and it smells delicious. As you know I am always on the lookout for moisturising things.
Sugar babe scrub smells amazing! I am always on the search for a good exfoliator that also moisturises at the same time. This one has coconut oil in the centre and sugar for the exfoliant.
I have brought the melting marshmallow moment before and I love how creamy and silky it feels in the bath, and leaves my skin feeling super soft and moisturised. It also smells amazing! My aunt was recently down for a visit, (AG) we went to see Mary Poppins and before we went out I thought we should have a bit of a pamper sesh (in a limited amount of time, I got held up at work, and then my shoe broke), so I got a bucket with warm water and a bit of the MMM and she soaked her feet in it for a while. Anyways she exclaimed that it smelt like bubblegum. Must remember to buy her some for her birthday.
I don’t think I’ve actually used any of the bath products yet, the weather has actually been reasonable here, it almost reached 30 degrees (Celsius) the other day (I’m being sarcastic, we’ve had a rather pathetic, non-existent summer). 

Monday, 21 March 2011

Hards as Nails

I am a nurse and as such I spend a lot of time washing my hands and I have to keep my fingernails short. I also have an unfortunate habit of picking at my nails when they have split. My nails had become quite weak and bendy and I had to cut them very short.
This was about 4 months ago and I decided that I would have to take special care with my nails and get them long and strong again. 
I use many products to get my nails strong. I started using the revitanail nail strengthener, which has ingredients to make nails strong and prevent splitting and peeling. I used this following the directions but I found that they didn’t dry properly after the first couple of coats and I always manage to get creases in my nails.  I recently started using the Sally Hansen advanced hard as nails, which I prefer because it does dry properly and I don’t mess up my nails when I’m sleeping. It says that it as nylon, which helps strengthen nails and prevent them from peeling. It also has other ingredients to help hydrate and nourish the nails. The thing that concerns me about these strengthening nail polishes is they both contain formalin.  
Both of these work, and my nails are very strong and have even stopped splitting.  
I sometimes soak my nails in warm water for a little bit and then push the cuticles back.
I also rub cuticle cream into my cuticle nails often. This encourages circulation which promotes nails to grow. lemony flutter from LUSH, Burts Bees lemon butter cuticle cream and Revitanail cuticle oil. I rub it in each cuticle for atleast 1 minute (per nail) every night, just when I'm watching tv, youtube etc. It makes my cuticles nice and soft.
I also use a buffer on them occasionally to make them smooth and shiny. When I file my nails I make sure that I file them in the same direction as a ‘sawing’ motion will cause the nails to become weak. I love this nail file, it has pink glitter on one side and then the actual file on the other side. Couldn't help myself, anything that is pink and glitters:)
I put handcream on my hands often as I have very dry hands due to my occupation. If your going to have nice nails you might as well have nice soft hands to match.
I think one of the main tips to grow strong nails is to stop bad habits. I know a lot of people have problems with biting their nails or picking at their nails and cuticles, whatever works for you to prevent your bad habits. I just try and ignore my nails when i want to pick at them or I buffer or cut the split out of my nails.
I brought this the other day, I thought it was supercute! $5.00 from cotton on body. 
TaDaa! my strong nails! its a bit blurry, its really hard to keep both hands still while taking photos.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

TAG: this or that

1. blush or bronzer? Blush, I’m quite pale naturally and i prefer a creamy rose shimmer to a bronzer. I’ve never actually tried and bronzer.
2. lip gloss or lipstick? Lip gloss-always, looks more natural, its more fun, you don’t have to worry about it getting on your teeth, its not so drying and sometimes it tastes and smells yummy
3. eye liner or mascara? Mascara. I don’t mind a good smudged eyeliner, but sometimes it can just look slutty if it isn’t applied correctly. I got a liquid eyeliner the other day, and i had no luck applying it, it just looked horrible. Mascara gives a nice wide-eyed look. 
4. foundation or concealer? if i had to choose i would say foundation, but I do prefer using both cos I do have a couple of areas that need the extra coverage.
5. neutral or colour eye shadow? I like coloured eye shadows to bring out the colours in my eyes, my eyes are hazel, so green works nicely to gove it a bit of zing. but I prefer neutral colours in general.
6. pressed or loose eye shadows? Pressed eye shadows, less messy, easier storage, easier to use.
7. brushes or sponges? Used to be sponges when I was in high school, I was taught to apply my foundation that way but brushes are so much better!
I tag everyone 

Rimmels Lash Accelerator

I've started using Rimmels Lash Accelerator mascara everyday in an attempt to get longer more apparent lashes. I'm a bit of an cretin, I didn't think to take a photo before I started using this mascara. But I've actually taken photo's today with the mascara and before application, and I think that my lashes look longer than what they did a couple of weeks ago. lets call this week 3 photos.
this is before mascara

and after application

I will regularly post photos of my ever improving lashes here, and let you know what I think of the product

Friday, 18 March 2011

house hunting

I'm just about to go get ready so i can go and look at 2 rental properties. I find looking for places to live and filling out all the necessary paperwork incredibly stressful and depressing so I am trying to make it less painful by promising myself rewards.  today I am looking at 2 properties and afterwards I think I will splash out and visit one of my favourite shops-LUSH- and get a new facemask (I have 5 empty pots so i get it for free) haven't decided which one yet, a couple of bath bombs, the comforter bubble bar and anything else that takes my fancy (must remember my 10% off voucher). Will probably also buy myself a new pair of jeans since my collection is significantly diminished due to horrible week of everything breaking (see a previous post). anyway i have to go make myself look presentable so i can impress the realestate agents. wish me luck!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011


I have a haul!!

I wanted to try this mascara as I have rather pathetic lashes and am very envious of people who have lovely long eyelashes. Especially guys. I feel its wasted on them. One of the doctors at work has the prettiest eyelashes which I can not help but gaze at all the time, very jealous
I also brought this mascara at the same time, it was recommended and the reviews for it are very good. It is supposed to make eyelashes very long and defined and doesn’t smudge. I like the look of the brush, I think that brushes of these designs are quite clever and separate lashes quite nicely and prevent clumping. 
 Covergirl and Olay simply ageless concealer. I’ve recently become quite paranoid about wrinkles under my eyes. My mum has rather wrinkly eyes and I’m afraid my eyes will turn out the same if I don’t start using eye cream on them early. I also have dark circles under my eyes so I’m looking forward to seeing if this does the trick.  Unfortunately I left it in my friends car so I have to wait until I see her next to get it back. 
DNAging firming eye care. I’m also looking forward to seeing if this one has any positive effects.
Basically when I buy a foundation I look at the palest foundation, try it on my jawline and usually that is the colour that best matches my complexion.  I apparently have a nice complexion but I think that close up my skintone is uneven and I have lots of pigmntation and scarring from when I was younger and had a lot of pimples that I picked. My nanna said not pick pimples and showed me all the little spots on her face but I didn't listen....dammit! 
Maybelline dream mousse blush. I tried this on in the store and it is a lovely colour and has a bit of an illuminating shimmer, this mousse goes on lovely and blends in well with the fingers.

edit: I had to redo this post cos the pictures buggered off, so I got out my trusty camera and took these ones myself. quite the photographer (not)

Sunday, 13 March 2011

lush hair treatments

As previously mentioned I have become a lush junkie. I am really loving their hair masks at the moment, at one stage I had three of their masks in my cupboard, but I am trying to use them up before I buy any more. The first mask I tried was the H’suan wen hua. The Lush website describes it as:
“Super-conditioning care to feed your hungry hair. It's LUSH salad dressing for the head; a nutritious treat to make hair more healthy and pleased to be alive! Avocados are nutritious and softening, balsamic vinegar gives amazing shine, and watercress infusion is exceptionally high in vitamins and increases the tensile strength of the hair.”
I found that it did all that it promised to do and then some. Before I used it, my hair felt quite coarse and was very knotty and dull, and after using this hair moisturiser it felt very soft and silky and I took a shine to it, as did my hair. I actually did not follow the directions precisely, as it says to use about half the pot for long hair. I have reasonably long hair and it is very thick but I got about 4 uses out of the pot. I also left it in overnight for good measure. I put the treatment in my hair while running a bath, and added the lush comforter bar to the bath, to make bathtime fun with an abundance of frothy bubbles and tinted pink water. I also used the catastrophe cosmetic face mask as I like to multi task my beauty treatments. I put my adorable purple shower cap on my head and relax in the bath, letting the steam warm both masks, improving the absorption and effectiveness of these products. Then I sleep in the hair mask and wash it out the next morning and style my hair as usual (read: put a couple of serums, balms and leave in conditioners and let my hair dry naturally then put it up in a top knot).
I also have the Marilyn hair treatment that I am waiting to use when I have dyed my hair back to blonde as it is recommended for blondes. If it is anything like lush’s other products I am sure it will be amazing. I can’t wait to use it. I read some of the reviews on the lush website and some of the reviews suggest putting it in hair and then sitting in the sun for a while as the chamomile needs sunlight or warmth for it to work effectively. So I’m sure I will do precisely that when I start to use the treatment. The lush website describes Marilyn as:
“Softness, brightness and shine for blonde hair. Marilyn is for blondes who would like to stay blonde and become even more so, in a gentle, shiny and natural way. We make it with softening linseed gel, chamomile for lightness and to calm your scalp, saffron for golden colour, lemon for shine and olive oil to moisturize your hair. It also lightens gradually.
I am using the Jasmine and Henna Fluff ease, which does not smell like a bunch of flowers. More like cigarette smoke actually. I used this one the other day and I am happy to report the smell wears off after a little bit and to be honest after a couple of minutes of it being in my hair I did not notice the smell. I always put lovely smelling products in my hair after washing it anyway so it tends to smell more like coconut and lollies. Again it does what the lush website promises: 
“If your hair is a little fluffy, frizzy, dry or out-of-control, this is the one for you. It's packed with copious amounts of moisturizing and nutrient-filled oils including organic jojoba, almond, brazil nut and extra virgin coconut oil. It works brilliantly on curly hair as well, as all the oils help define the curls and add loads of shine.” My hair was definitely less frizzy which is good as it has been raining here a lot recently. If you can get over the initial unpleasant smell it is well worth it.
I try to use these treatments once as week as part of my pampering session, which I’m sure my housemates think is terribly weird as I will be walking around our apartment with my shower cap on and sometimes white gloves if I have handcream on. I also store my facemasks in the fridge as well as some of my nailpolishes so I am sure they think I am either quite vain or just a little bit crazy. Possibly a combination of the two.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

ins and outs

*hanging out with my AG (Aunty Gayle). She’s in Melbourne for a couple of days staying with us.  
*going to see Mary Poppins the other day at ‘Her Majesty’s Theatre’. It was amazing and Verity Hunt-Ballard and Matt Lee did a wonderful job. i was a bit hesitant to see it because i remember when i was a kid i think we hated mary poppins. but i’m sure we didn’t hate it that much because we seemed to watch it a lot. The songs were amazing as well as the dancing. i think my favourite bit was Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious scene.
*my hair. I’ve started regularily using masks for my hair from lush and my hair is so soft and healthy looking. i feel i’m getting a bit vain, i’m always looking at my hair in the mirror and running my fingers through it. i need to go to the hairdressers though, its in need of a good haircut and colour.
*4 day weekends. i have had friday, saturday sunday and monday of, and have been at mum and dads relaxing, and just generally doing nothing. watching tv, snuggling with lily (my parents dog-shes a maltese shitzu poodle, dad calls her a malti shitty poo). read a couple of books and hang out with mum and dad and my uncle and aunty (different ones from AG).
*my clothes disintegrating. in this week i have had to chuck 2 pairs of jeans cos they have both had holes in the same place, which requires that they be chucked immediately, my favourite pair of thongs (as in flip flops for non-australian people) broke in the middle of crossing bourke st in the city. i had to walk around in bare feet like a homeless person til i brought a cheap pair of shoes. I lost a T-shirt at work the other day and my loofa unraveled just this morning. 
*Taking the train. i had to take the train to my parents which is 3 hours away cos i lent them my car for a couple of weeks. trains suck. its so boring, and i forgot to bring the book i’m currently reading. i have my laptop which is keeping me from totally getting annoyed and swearing off public transport forever. i think i’m going to drive back to melbourne tho, cos it sucks not having a car.
*having to save money instead of spending it all. i’m saving up for something big at the moment which means that i have to be very frugal, which is putting me in a bad mood. and it also means that i can’t go and buy a new pair of jeans that i desperately want.
*running out of internet downloads. my housemate and i totally went over our allocated downloads this month and we have had to go 2 weeks without the internet. we are having withdrawal symptoms. we have to wait until the 11th. 
*the sucky summer we’ve had. i love summer, i love swimming, wearing cute shorts pretty summery dresses and getting a bit of colour to my skin (i’m very pale), and i think we’ve had 2 days over 40 degrees, and maybe 7 days over 30 degrees. i’ve barely done any summer activities. although i did get sunburnt once or twice which is proof that summer did actually occur. my sister lives in perth where pretty much every day is over 30 degrees, i’m so jealous of her. she loves to rub it in.
  1. how do you make a maltese cross? 
  2. A. stand on its toes.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

random questions

1.) Mood: sleepy
2.) Do you take vitamins every day? i'm not very good at consistency and i ran out of multivitamins. but i need to get some cos i'm feeling a cold coming on.
3.) Do you prefer sweet (chocolate/sugar) or salty (chips, etc.) type snacks?if i'm hungry then i'll want something savoury but i do prefer lollies and biscuits. i mix of both is preferable i think
4.) Current nail polish: i just buffed my fingernails, usually i wear revitanail strenghthener because i'm not allowed to wear coloured nailpolish at work.  at the moment i only have it on one especially weak fingernail because the rest are getting quite strong.  but i have a cute coral pink on my toenails

5.) What colour are the walls of your bedroom? a dirty sort of creamy yellow. not my room so i can't paint it.
6.) Do you like to cook at home or are you more of a take-out person? i like a home cooked meal, especially if its a roast. 
7.) Current outfit? pjs its 9am and its my day off. 
8.) What is your favorite television program?  gossip girl, midsomer murders, anything agatha christie (miss marple etc)
9.) Can you do a cartwheel? yes, although i haven't done one in a year or so, so i'm sure i would hurt myself if i attempt it.
10.) Weekly goals: relax, stick to my budget, rsvp for a wedding,  try not to get sick, clean up my bedroom and make my bed every day and wear my rimmels mascara with the eyelash growth serum in it everyday so hopefully my eyelashes grow a bit, use eye cream everyday so i don't get wrinkly eyes at mums age and get mum to wax my arms

pampering oneself

I'm not much for doing my hair or slapping on some makeup (only very special occasions, or when I can be bothered/ feel like it) but I do like a good pampering session.  I love smoothing a decadent hair mask through my hair, running a bath and putting a face mask on and just relaxing in the bath for a while, reading a romantic book with some soft music and candles flickering away.
unfortunately at the moment my bathtub is rather small so I can't fully submerge myself, I either have lay there with my knees out of water or my shoulders, I usually alternate.
anyway I have recently become addicted to lush goodies (due to becoming addicted to allthatglitters21 on youtube, who herself is addicted to lush) and have quite a stash of bathbombs, bubble bars, scrubs, massage bars, soaps, hair masks and a face mask, which I have accumulated in quite a short time. I think this is due to the fact that I'm a bit stressed and sad at the moment and have turned to retail lush therapy. and the people at lush are so nice, I went there after work the other day, and this lovely guy was trying masks on my hand, and he was so sweet, helped me pick a mask, I got the purple one (I can't remember what its called). I got the purple one mainly because I liked the smell and because purple is my favourite colour ( it was his favourite colour too). ok I just got off my butt and went to the fridge to find out what the mask is called...and now I've kind of forgotten...castrophe cosmetic?? I'll go check again... I brought it back with me this time so I could get the spelling right. it is catastrophe cosmetic. lush's facemasks have no preservatives in them and only last a couple of weeks so they have to be kept in the fridge. anyway this mask is so nice, it has blueberrys in it, so it is full of anitoxidants, and its just a very soothing and relaxing mask, and leaves my face feeling very soft and clean afterwards. and its purple.
I've tried a couple of their hair masks also, and since I've been using them I've found that my hair is much more healthier, less tangled, more shiny and softer. and I keep flicking it around like I'm in a pantene add. Mask of the month is jasmine and henna fluff ease. The smell is a bit much to take, but after a minute I really don't notice the smell. The instructions for the hair masks say to put it in for 20 minutes before washing out, but I put it in, comb it through put a cute shower cap on and have a bath for half an hour or so, which helps the mask soak in. I sleep with it in my hair and then the next morning I wash it out. I put a bunch of products in it, mostly because I like the smell of the products I use and because I have very knotty hair (which the mask improves but it is still a bit knotty). and I put the products in to mask the smell of the hair treatments. The one I'm using at the moment kind of smells like cigarette smoke which I'm not a fan of.  Its worth it, because my hair is nice and soft and healthy now. I'm trying to build up my hair at the moment and in a couple of weeks I'm going to go to my hairdresser and get some foils and go back to light ash blonde again.
anyway i'm sure this post is long and rambling enough, so i will go. I'm sure i will ramble on again about lush stuff in another post.

my housemates must think I'm so weird at times, keeping facemasks in the fridge, walking around with hair masks in my hair, covered by pink polka dot shower caps...